Gun show loop hole in the US: Is the gun show loop hold justified (yes), or should it be closed (no)?

  • Yes, the gun show loop hole protects the 2nd Amendment.

    Yes, the gun show loop hole is justified, because the loop hold protects the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment gives an absolute right to bear arms. It is important to protect this right. The Second Amendment does not have many limitations, and if people want to buy guns, they should be able to do so, and that includes buying them quickly.

  • It needs to be removed.

    Proponents of having gun control believe that having guns doesn’t solve any problems. Areas with less guns have very few gun related deaths. In Britain in 2011, there were 58 murders by firearms. In the United States, in the same year, there were 8,775 murders. This drastic difference in numbers shows us that we do need gun control, and that anybody being able to buy them is not a strategic policy.

  • It should be closed.

    The gun show loop hole is just that, a loop hole. A loop hole by definition is a way to get around laws. A gun show should have the exact same rules as a regular brick and mortar show. These rules are in place for a reason, and getting around them only endangers society.

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