• They aren't allowed to integrate.

    Yes, the way we treat autism is to blame for gun violence, because people with autism are told that they are weird and they are isolated from the rest of society. People with autism are put in special classrooms. They are told they are not responsible for their actions because they are autistic.

  • My brother is Autistic

    And he has innumerable issues when it comes to fitting in. People like to complain and say "I don't fit in" but an Autistic child really doesn't fit in. Integration is not the issue. Autistic kids really vary in their severity, some can fit in, some just can't. The problem is learning how to deal with both kinds of kids appropriately.

    Autism can bring on a lack of empathy, and with enough pushing and/or bullying they will snap just like anybody else, the only difference is they will have zero empathy.

  • My Granddaughter has Autism...

    She has a lot of "self regulation" problems and acts out
    Aggressively...Which in my opinion has more to do with how she was treated in school and well meaning people who believe in physical restraints and punishment.
    I can't imagine ever putting a gun in her hands...She is very attracted to the "dark side"...Forbidden fruit ...She acts violent with me at times ...And says she "wants to kill me"
    I don't take that lightly, Intry to keep myself safe...It is a big challenge to get her appropriate help...Hoping this will change.

  • Autism by itself does not make people violent

    As an autist myself, I can shed some light on the subject. Autists who are aggressive(ive seen them) usually have other problems accompanying autism that make them that way. In the case of mass shooters being autistic, We autists get bullied relentlessly and not all of us have a strong enough psyche to handle that. With enough abuse they will snap like anyone else. Another thing theses shooters have in common is a broken home so they don't get the love and support they need to weather the storm. This hasnt been a problem before, Since 50 years ago kids wouldnt need to spend 16 years of their life in school getting picked on and traditional family values were much stronger back then. Also having few friends and keeping to yourself was considered normal back then and it still is if youre an adult with a job and little free time. In the 1950s a hi fucntioning autist would be almost unnoticed, Like my grandfather. In the days when you could drop out of 6th grade and get a job that could get you a house, A car and a family, People with aspergers would have fared much better. Also people were much friendlier too. Basically our modern society's problems are creating these people and the media encourages it by running countless stories on every shooter in order to keep people coming back to their outdated, Dying platform. Autism has almost nothing to do with the actual problem. These people are just a symptom of a sick world.

  • No, the issue is far more complicated

    Gun violence is the result of a variety of factors. The biggest factor in the propensity of Gun violence is the lack of good safety education. It must also be noted that American society focuses very much on males being "masculine" leading to plenty of male ego problems, at least some of which can be to blame for rampant Gun violence.

  • Gun violence is not related to autism

    There is nothing about autism that makes a person violent.

    Part of the confusion is people need to sort out their terms. The trouble with empathy in autism is trouble with "Cognitive Empathy". That means figuring out what people are thinking and feeling.

    The type of empathy we usually refer to in everyday speech is actually Affective Empathy which means you actually care about other people. Autistic people don't have a problem with affective empathy.

    Psychopaths on the other hand have little or no affective empathy and often loads of cognitive empathy. A psychopath may be more likely to act out violently in which case psychopathy didn't cause it so much as just remove a barrier (conscience) from whether or not to act out violently. Hence we shouldn't say "poor guy he couldn't help himself he's a psychopath" He could, psychopathy doesn't cause violence it takes away a barrier to it. A selfish desire for money, thrills, etc... That would normally not be acted upon because of conscience is to blame. Hence why psychopaths are held 100% responsible and psychopathy has never been considered a valid defense in criminal law.

  • Autism??? I'm not sure that what you mean.

    Autism is not something that would cause this in most cases. Like 64bithuman, my brother is autistic, but he is one of the kindest and most gentle people I know. He, and all of the others like him I have met most certainly do not have zero empathy, and are the sweetest kids you will ever meet.

  • There's no one factor

    While it is no doubt true that the way mental health is treated in America, and autism falls under this umbrella, there is a lot more to it. Social attitudes towards various classes and the lack of support networks in such a vast country lead to isolation, exacerbating struggles for people who already have hardship, leading to anger and sometimes to violent lashings out. America needs to work together to work out how to support these people and lower gun crime rather than finger pointing.

  • Autism and gun violence?

    I just don't see the connection, unless you are talking about mental illness. The problem with this is the fact that autism doesn't fit in the same spectrum as the types of mental illness that make people kill people. This is insane. We are trying to blame gun violence on everything but what actually causes it. A blatant disregard for life.

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