Gunman Kills 3 Police Officers, Wounds 2 More in Canadian Rampage: Is U.S. Gun Violence Trend Spilling Over Into Canada?

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  • Canada is still more peaceful.

    No, U.S. Gun violence is not spilling over into Canada, because for the most part, Canada still has only isolated incidents of violence. Canada has been a much more stable country historically, and over the last decade, they have had fewer enemies abroad. The United States could learn a lot from Canada. They have not picked up our gun violence.

  • Not really, but guns are

    Canada (I lived there so I would know) has countless problems with assault rifles and high-powered, military-grade rifles being smuggled over the border every day. In southern Ontario (I lived there) it was somewhat easier to regulate, but out in New Brunswick, where the border between Maine and NB is nothing but an empty forest?? Its as easy to smuggle ANYTHING illegal across there as it is taking candy from a baby!

    Therefore, I think what we have out in the Maritime provinces (and all other provinces where smuggling is common and easy) is the same problem the US has, bad people are getting their hands on bad things when they should be receiving proper care for their illness (it was the same case with the sandy hook shootings).

    However, it seems Harper is too busy playing politics in Geneva to get free trade with the EU to worry about psychos mowing down cops with AR-15's and crossbows.

    Welcome to how every world government works!

  • No. There is no evidence the U.S gun violence trend is spilling over.

    There is no evidence demonstrating that the gun violence trend is spilling over into Canada. The shooting rampage that prompted this question, although tragic, was an isolated incident; homicide rates are still lower than many countries, and no other major violent event has happened in many many years of Canadian history.

  • Gun Violence is not just a problem in the U.S.

    The problems that cause stress, mental illness, drug problems all exist in every part of the world. When people want to commit a crime, they will find a way to destroy the lives of others and lash out in violence. It is not just a U.S. problem. It exist everywhere.

  • No, US gun violence is not spreading over to Canada.

    I do not think that U.S. gun violence is spreading over to Canada. I think that the incident if anything is an isolated incident. I think that there will always be issues like this regardless of what country it is if it is a democratically run nation. I think that it is not related to the USA.

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