Guns sales increase in Ferguson in preparation for the Grand Jury decision: Do you believe owning a gun will keep you safe?

  • Home Defense Weapons. YES.

    As a woman living in a rural area with no local police department, as well as the owner of livestock that is subject to predators, it is essential that I have a firearm I know how to properly operate at the ready at all times.

    My heart goes out to the ordinary citizens, who have ZERO to do with the entire situation with Brown and alleged police brutality, being terrorized in their homes and businesses by militants blinded by racism and ignorance down in Ferguson. God speed.

  • No duh Sherlock!

    No matter whether or not America has gun control, criminals will continue to find ways to get guns.. While people say that being able to get to your gun in time is very impossible. I beg to differ. Think about it. Someone doesn't just walk right through your door and sprint up to your room and threaten you, he breaks in the door which could be loud leading to you to start getting your gun. He will tiptoe or quietly walk through your house and if its a two story house he will have to climb the stairs. At least 30 seconds. I timed it and i am able to pull my shotgun out from under my bed, unlock it, and load it with buckshot in under 30 seconds, leading to him shot and my home and family safe..

  • Of course they do.

    The most frustrating thing about the anti-gun arguments is that they are purely speculative. It is a fact that criminals are less likely to commit a crime if they think that they might get shot. They are more afraid of an armed victim than of the police coming to look for them after they have already attacked someone. I always keep a gun on me since I actually live an a shady part of town that the city describes as a "transitional neighborhood". One day, I was replacing the tail lights on my truck and two guys (approx. Age between 17-24) came up to me in my driveway and threatened me and demanded that I give them my keys. One of them had his hand in his pocket in a way to show that he had a weapon (I don't know if there really was one in there or not, but frankly, I don't care). I drew my pistol on them and told them to leave my yard and they immediately ran. No shots fired, no one hurt. When they were out of site, I immediately went inside the house and called the police. I don't know if they found them or not, but if I didn't have a gun, there is no telling how that situation could have gone down; however, the mere presentation of a gun was enough to keep me safe.

  • You better believe it!

    If you don't have the gun, you end up being the one shot in a violent confrontation, not the instigator. Gun owners are safer. I am quite sure you will think twice about coming after me when you are staring down the barrel of my 45. Gun sales have increased in Ferguson because several groups have threatened to riot and burn the town. People are not going to be sitting ducks and wait to be attacked. If you are shot while accosting someone you deserved it.

  • No - Guns bring guns

    I don't believe that owning a gun will keep you safe. If it came down to you with a gun, and an intruder with a gun, the intruder is more likely to shoot his if he sees you have a gun. Also, the likelyhood of being able to get your gun in time to defend yourself is low.

  • Owing a Gun Will Not Keep Your Safe

    The increase of guns sales in Ferguson is a disturbing piece of news that has to be tackled with highest care and awareness. So many angry and vengeance people carrying around guns is an implosive situation. Nevertheless what will be the Grand Jury final decision armed men may stand for different verdict. No gun owner is safe, nevertheless the wide public considers the opposite.

  • No, I do not believe owning a gun will keep you safe.

    No, I do not believe owning a gun will keep you safe. Not only do the risks increase of being shot inside your home from friends and family, but your risk of being shot by an intruder increase as well. By having a gun and threatening to use it, you could potentially be shot by an intruder who had no intention of shooting you in the first place.

  • Guns kill bad and good alike

    Like democracy, guns equalise. Having a gun doesn't make you safe, having a gun makes it dangerous for the other guy too.

    Whether this is a good thing or not is hugely debatable but in America every civilian must assume the criminal has a gun and vice-a-versa, every criminal must have a gun because the civilian probably does.

    More guns make everyone at greater danger, and no one safer.

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