Guy Fawkes: Was Guy Fawkes justified in carrying out the Gunpower Plot?

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  • Persecution justifies all forms of force.

    Catholics had no religious freedom, they were burnt at the stake, they were butchered and hunted. I don't believe either side was good, the Catholics treated them just as bad during their reign, I believe regardless of the religion of the king that any form of religious persecution requires rebellion. Basic religious freedom must be fought for, and in a society where words are punished by death, then you have no option but to kill. It is an obligation to die for freedom.

  • YES - When other means of protest against the discrimination and persecution you are suffering are closed

    There is no voting for more tolerance in society towards your religious beliefs , when persecution and execution is what you can expect if you are branded a catholic by the Protestant religious fanatics of the day , then under these circumstances when other avenues of expressing your disapproval are closed off to you then it is understandable that those on the receiving end of state violence be drawn to violent retaliation

  • Yes, because he was under attack and was defending others also under attack.

    If you never have a right to violence, then you never have a right to retaliate against your own victimization. And if the government is systematically attacking you, as had been happening to English Catholics for many years, you then either accept your own destruction by the terrible force of prejudiced law or you take up arms against the oppressor. The context of the event is rarely highlighted.

  • When is Force Justified?

    I wasn't around in the 1600's, but I imagine it to be a bleak time if a group of men thought the most effective way they could devise was to kill off the whole of the government. I imagine this is supported by the fact that the government made it a holiday. Try to over throw us? We'll try you for treason, and name a day after you, so you will be immortalized in your failure. It just says to me that they were scared and trying not to show it. Which means he probably was justified.

  • Why did he blow up parliment

    Guy fawkes is a bad person because even if he was doing good there is a better way than blowing up the parliment. He hid gun powder under parlimet to blow it up. Why did guy fawkes try to blow up parliment. He could at least tell them to stop doing bad. THE END

  • No, Guy Fawkes was a terrorist

    Guy Fawkes planned to blow up Parliament to reach his political ends. He was, by any modern standard, a terrorist. The prevention of that attack is worth celebrating; Fawkes himself is not worth deifying in the way modern zeitgeist has done. The Gunpowder Plot was, as the rhyme says, treason. It cannot be justified.

  • Assisination is never justified.

    The Gunpowder Plot was a scheme to bring down the House of Lords in England. Guy Fawkes was just one of many involved in the plot. The idea was drafted to try and gain more religious freedom under the king. I don't believe it is ever justified to take or destroy another life. Just like we see today, passionate people will twist their thinking to make anything justified. I find the idea of religious people using violence to force their point highly hypocritical.

  • No, Guy Fawkes was not justified in attempting to kill the king

    As I understand it, Guy Fawkes wanted to murder and depose the king because he was Protestant. I do not believe this was a good reason to commit regicide. Guy Fawkes wanted to advance the Catholic faith and felt he could do so by helping to install Princess Elizabeth as the ruler.

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