Guy made a chicken sandwich from scratch: Do we eat out more often than we should?

  • Americans eat out too much

    Americans eat out too much. Studies have shown the amount spent at restaurants has grown over the last several decades. The food is not as healthy as many prepare at home. In addition, the portion sizes tend to be larger at restaurants. This can be seen in the growing obesity problem.

  • Americans Eat Out Too Much

    The obesity epidemic in the United States shows Americans eat unhealthy in a lot of ways, and eating out a lot is part of that problem. Eating more nutritious foods at home is one way to combat the dilemma, especially since you can control the ingredients of your food every time you cook.

  • Americans eat out too often

    Eating out is an excellent way to drain your bank account. It's an expensive way to get food that you can easily make (much more cheaply) at home. More Americans should stop patronizing restaurants and stick to making things from the grocery store instead of dropping way too much money on eating out.

  • Too much fast food

    After dieting for a year or so, I've realized that the biggest problem with eating out is that you don't know what's in your food. Although many places have general nutritional stats available, most people don't bother to read them, making it very very easy to overeat when you're eating out. Cook at home and you'll have a better idea of what your portions should be and you'll be able to make better eating decisions!

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