• Stupid trolls stupid!

    You guys are so stupid you’re not even funny all you guys did was ruin a dead website middle schoolers try to use for studying and resources you and you’re drama is so stupid it doesn’t even make any sense. You are so stupid you guys are such stupid people we don’t even like you!

  • Stupid fat idiots need to leave

    Seriously go back to reading the newspaper or watching the news or whatever it is you adults do, We have things called, You know SCHOOL? We have something to do in life unlike you losers who do nothing and get off on trolling a bunch of middle schoolers. Just stop you guys are cringe

  • Yeah stop spamming the opinions

    Seriously we’re just a bunch of middle schoolers trying to do research for our homework and you guys are just a bunch of big fat meanies ruining the experience for everyone. You guys honestly need to get a life and stop trolling us. Don’t you grown men have jobs or something?

  • Seriously please stop

    The spams not funny and people need this website to do homework on and people need it to study topics and all you guys are doing is posting stupid drama that’s not even funny anymore, Geez the spam is so stupidly long it’s ridiculous how much time you guys spend ruining this website

  • Here's why we should continue this. . .

    I personally find the Loki memes very humorous. You are simply too uncultured to understand the complex meaning behind them.
    Loki's disease that's making waves on Debate. Org has a very philosophical meaning. You see, This disease spreads STD awareness.
    Though I do agree we need to get rid of the furry child, He's not funny and neither are you.

  • I'm the anti bully

    I will not leave now. Do you know how close I am to finding people guilty of playing doonbiego? After I'm done torturing them in court, I will bully all of you crybabies next. I can bully anybody and even bully maguire cringes at my name so run away before I rip your face off literally!

  • I am Loki

    I am spreading a new disease called Gay Butt disease that makes you do stupid things when infected. Well I guess you poor kids are infected too because nobody in their right mind would not enjoy a good spam war. Lighten up and have some laughs okay, This is fun.

  • I am Jamal ha ha

    Wow, You are so weak and clingy. You are back there crying like babies and children all because anti bully caught you playing doonbiego which was outlawed a few days ago. Stop crying like a bunch of losers okay and out ho with it. Have some fun. You. Don’t need debate. Org to study and if you do, You need re-education

  • Your the real trolls

    First of all, No school uses debate. Org as a research site and only a poopy loser downfall school desperate for money would use debate. Org which means all of you trolls are living in a troll house with little or no money. Secondly, We all work from home and this is what we do during our down time. Middle schoolers do not use debate. Org to study. None of my middle school kids use debate. Org to study. Your just lying away and making up the worlds dumbest excuses because I talked to the other spammers and NONE of their kids need debate. Org for school so I don’t know which school you clowns go to but it is a poopy school because only poopy schools use debate. Org

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