Guys have less to choose from style-wise. Do you think there should be more in store for guys?

Asked by: maryamdahir
  • Some men do like fashion

    Well, it's not all men, but some do like to put a bit of flare in how they dress. They should have more options available to them. Those opposed don't need to worry about it. It's your life. Live it how you want to, and no one should judge you for it.

  • I think guys should have more style choices.

    I have met many that put a lot of thought into their looks and sometimes care about it more than a lot of girlfriends and I've met guys that don't really show their feelings about looks but care as much. I think many care about their hair, clothes and psychical appearance.

  • Guys aren't into fashion

    The reason why guys do not have a lot of fashion and clothing stuff is because guys don't care about fashion as much as girls do. Fashion is for girls. Guys don't wear fashion clothing because often its the girls who are into fashion and like shopping and creating outfits. Take this from my dad, he says he doesn't care as long as it fits and is clean.

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