• Guys please stop spamming

    My moms gonna start monitoring this site and I need this website for school, If there’s no debate. Org then how am I going to complete all my debate assignments? Guys come on stop spamming please so I can use this website for homework please? No more spam ok? No more

  • Oh no "Guys Stop Spamming"

    Oh you think its only guys spamming you little feminist piece of sh*t, I do support gender equality. By the way why not you go cry in the corner, I don't care about your mom and sh*t about that. Who need assignments when you have roblox fortnite minecraft pewdiepie felix indian tech support, Go play some games. "PFF, Why do kids do homework nowadays.
    P. S Ha ha i still gonna spam (just kidding no joke) bruh you are a r*****!

  • Stupid liar! We don’t believe you for a second love Jamal

    There is not a single school around here that would use debate. Org right now because of the spam. No public or private school would recommend it for use and only some shot down bang up academy would use debate. Org. Ha, Your going to wind up in a sweatshop working 24 Hours a day for a penny while we sit back and bully wage slaves like you while our mommy’s give us everything we want. P. S. I did your mommy through here ha ha

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