H-1B visa controversy: Should the University of California San Francisco outsource 49 tech jobs to India?

  • I think so

    Even without the visa controversy, many companies are outsourcing jobs to India since the labor costs less. It's tough for an established worker to learn that he or she is not only losing a job to a younger replacement, but that he or she has to train the replacement and that it's someone from outside the US.

  • No, I disagree.

    No, i disagree with this. Though there is H-B visa controversy, i believe we should find a solution to this. The university of California San Francisco should not outsource 49 tech jobs to India. This is not the best action. For a better international relationship, Something has to be done.

  • The University of California San Francisco should not outsource 49 tech jobs to India.

    The real issue is not the outsourcing of jobs to India, the jobs are staying the U.S., but the fact they are going to an India-based technology firm that may, or may not, make used of H-1B employees at the university. The employees being laid-off are being offered other positions in the IT system of the University of California.

  • No, they should not.

    They are either doing this out of spite, or they are unwilling to pay market level wages for their employees. Seems in San Francisco, there is no shortage of qualified tech workers. Obviously, this is to save money. Employees in India are a fraction of the costs here. Good luck with the customer service though

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