• I had so much fun

    I had so much fun spamming Don Lennon and Gamora the other day. You know what, Now I ruined all your reputations which is my job here. Being the God of Mischief is very fun. #Iamracist #Youareracist #Everybodyisracist.

    Smell you tomorrow Don Lennon. You smell like poop and hey Gamora, Starlord is still under my manipuation and you can't touch this Ha ha!

  • F f s

    L o o k
    m a t e,

    d o n ' t
    c a r e
    h o w
    g o o d
    y o u
    d i d,

    h o w
    a b o u t
    j u s t
    g r o w
    u p.

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