Hacker leak exposes DNC and Clinton coordination: Did Bernie Sanders ever have a chance at winning the Democratic nomination?

  • If it was done fair.

    Bernie Sanders was the unexpected favorite of the Democrats. Just as Donald Trump upset the Republicans, Bernie brought some class and smarts to the Democrats. Although the Democrats had other plans for their nominee it would appear that the whole thing was rigged and Bernie never had a chance in this unfair election.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders had a small chance at winning the Democratic nomination.

    Bernie Sanders was never favored to win the Democratic Party's nomination for president. Sanders, however, did have a slight chance at winning. He outperformed most polls and beat expectations in many primary races. Sanders, though, was unwilling to exploit some of Hillary's weaknesses. Also, he needed to do a better job of connecting with minority voters. In short, Sanders never had a big chance of winning his party's nomination, but he did have a small chance to win.

  • No, I don't believe Bernie Sanders had a fair chance

    With these new revelations, I don't think Bernie Sanders was given a fair shot at winning the Democratic nomination; however, I think that it's prudent that he remains in the race all the way to the finish line. I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton has a history of corrupt practices.

  • Sanders never had a chance for the Democratic nomination

    Bernie Sanders never had a fair chance at winning the Democratic nomination. A hacker leak exposed DNC and Clinton coordination, showing she had strong establishment support. This means financial support, and money is the engine that runs campaigns and politics. Sanders is an outsider who was never going to gain the DNC's support.

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