• No one is safe from cyber attack

    No one is safe from cyber attacks because the very criminals that engage in the activity are smart and intent on staying one step ahead of law enforcement. It is a continual game of cat and mouse. When investigators figure out one way to crack a case, a cyber attacker has found a new way. It's an endless circle.

  • Cyber attacks are everywhere.

    I don't think anyone is immune form cyber attacks. There is too much personal information floating around. I can not do anything without my phone knowing where I am, what bill is due and where I parked. The technology is so good and I would not know how to keep that information form reaching the wrong people. I trust that the sites I use have that under control. We know that is not really true though because of all the leaks and break ins companies have. If companies, who have people to watch and protect them from cyber attacks,are getting breached, all of us are at risk

  • No unfortunately not

    In today's world where everything is seemingly going electronic there's probably 0% chance that one could go without being hacked in some form. This is just the way things are going to be if we continue to rely on electronics for our everyday tasks and chores. Makes you think maybe it's safer staying off the grid.

  • No One Is Safe From Cyber Attack

    Within the last few years, hackers have made it abundantly clear that no one is beyond their reach. Whether it be exposing government officials or targeting international terrorist groups, today's hackers are more impressive than ever before. With the release of police data, it is further shown that no one is untouchable by these people.

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