Hackers can steal data wirelessly from computers not connected to the internet: Are your assets safe?

  • Everything I have is safe from hackers.

    Personally, I don't have a lot of assets, but those that I do are safe from hackers. Many people think hackers can steal data just from computers who are on the internet, when they can tap into computers not online. I use strong passwords with over 10 characters, 1 capital and numbers. If we make it hard, they will move to the easy.

  • Yes I think my Assets safe

    Even though I have also seen a lot of new stories about companies being hacked and their security being broken into, I think my assets are safe because I don't have much and I don't think anyone would be interested in a old 2004 kia rio so I think I am okay!

  • No, I do not feel that my assets are safe.

    No, I do not really feel like my assets are safe. I never have and that is why I don't give them away much anymore. In the recent year there have been so many hacks over the internet and so many scams out there that I have learnt to just keep my information to myself.

  • No, assets are not safe from hackers.

    If hackers can steal data wirelessly without computers even being connected to the internet, then there is no way that your assets are safe. It doesn't matter what technology is created to combat this, hackers will find a way around it. Everything is always changing, and hackers seem to constantly be one step ahead.

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