Half of vegans are deficient in vitamin B12: Should veganism be outlawed?

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  • Has nothing to do with being vegan

    that's 40% of the US population having a vitamin B12 deficiency while vegan and vegetarians only make up about 1-2% of the population so clearly being vegan or vegetarian does not cause you to have a vitamin B12 deficient.

    If anything eating meat should be outlawed considering how much it damages your health and the environment

  • No its their right

    Also there are supplements that people on diets like these are supposed to be on which is why they are supposed to talk to their doctor before engaging on such a journey. But as for the question, no it is their right to eat whatever they want to eat and we shouldnt force them to eat food that they do not want.

  • Vegans should not be banned, but should be responsible

    Many people choose a vegan diet because they think it is healthier than eating meat. Meat eaters have their share of disease and health problems based on diet, too. The government does not need to get involved in telling people what to eat. Each individual should make informed choices about how they eat.

  • Veganism can be a healthy alternative

    Veganism is a personal decision and the government should not get involved and try to make decisions for people. Even though some vegans may be lacking in certain areas of nutrition, there are many supplements and other ways to prevent this. I think fast food is much more of an epidemic than veganism in this country.

  • No, I very much disagree!

    No, veganism should NOT be outlawed. Vegans should take supplements to get B12. Every diet has issues. People who consume meat can also be deficient in B12, because it's not about how much you take in, it's about how much your body can synthesize. Other diets pose other health concerns and lead to deficiencies. Should we outlaw those? No, that's not the right approach. I say get educated to know more about nutrition. But do not outlaw veganism!

  • People have a choice.

    We should not dictate how people choose to fuel their body. It is up to the person choosing a vegan lifestyle to do so in a healthy and responsible way. I don't see any logical reason why this should be regulated by the government. In addition, enforcing such a law would be difficult and a strain on resources.

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