Handicapped students should be in separate classrooms than normal students.

Asked by: KcOtter
  • Depends on the way they are handicapped

    If they cannot walk and need a wheelchair then it does not matter but if they are blind of deaf etc. it disrupts others learning. Example: I cannot walk so I ride in a wheelchair in the classroom. This does not effect anybody. Example 2: I am deaf and I talk sign language. My friends make fun of me and I am stressed out.

  • Beneficial to both parties

    If someone is incapable(like, cant functionally take notes, do assignments, etc) of functioning in a normal classroom environment, then they should be separate for classes. Lunch and other down time within schools should all be spent together. We need to give these kids the help they need, and if a normal teacher cannot provide that help, then another class where they can get the help is the best option.

  • Well it depends

    It depends on their handicap, like if they are blind or deaf, things like that that can hinder their learning experience and inconvenience the learning's of others. Like if they had a handicap that would require assistance's, like if your blind, then you can't read the board or the homework therefore needing someone to tell them what to write and where to write it. It would benefit both parties.

  • They should not be separated.

    "Separation" means dividing a thing based on its ability or possibility. Handicapped people are not much different from normal people that they love to talk, to hang out with friends, and to discuss something that is controversial. The only difference is that they possess unmanageable biological disorder, which does not really bother their lives. Unlike our view, they do not feel that the disorder destroys their lives. Thus, what they really want is to mingle with normal people because they believe they are totally normal. However, if society tries to separate them from normal people, then they are more likely isolated from society and lose their self-esteem. For this reason, separation should be made.

  • Disabled are underpresented minority in the world

    If we fight racism, ageism, sexisim, are tollerent/accepting of sexual orientation/ gender issues, and say that everyone is deserving of equal opportunities, how can we say that Separate But Equal is WRONG for ALL (except) those in a wheelchair? Inequality and exclusion is wrong for everyone BUT them? Im sorry Im not buying it. Separate But Equal was not good enough in the schools of the racially divided south in the 1950's, and it has no place in the mainstream schools of the country today!

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