Hands-on with GoPro's new voice-controlled Hero 5 action cameras: Do you think GoPro makes the best handheld cameras?

  • Yes, GoPro makes the best handheld cameras.

    Yes, GoPro makes the best handheld cameras because they are one of the titans of the industry right now. They make it easy to take pictures and videos of anything because they can do under water, can be dropped from great heights, and the list goes on. They are supreme.

  • Yes GoPro is the best

    GoPro revolutionized handheld cameras. In the time where most people use phones for their cameras, GoPro lead the way to keep cameras relevant in today's culture by keeping them durable, easy to carry and now by incorporating the new voice-controlled camera. There is no other camera brand close to GoPro.

  • Yes, they do.

    In partcular GoPro makes cameras that are very dynamic and versatile. Their line of cameras can be taken underwater and can take video at a wide range of angles. These cameras are able to stand up to abuse and are easy to operate. They are great and are well worth the money if you can afford it.

  • They have a reputation.

    GoPro is known for being the best in the business. When an Olympian wants to show what it's like to run, ride or flip fast, they show it with a GoPro. GoPro has the latest technology and they also capture the best picture. There is a reason that they are so popular.

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