Harmfulness of Facebook: Are there any harms unique to Facebook?

  • Yes, Facebook is promoting envy.

    Studies have shown that Facebook really promotes envy, and that this is unique to Facebook. People who post tend to only show the good side, and can inflate things about their lives. When a "Friend" reads the page, this person may get feelings of envy, post only good things about him- or herself, and then the cycle continues. This phenomenon is so unique to Facebook that it has been dubbed Facebook Envy.

  • Facebook Bore Real Cyber Bullying

    I think the one major downfall and unique harm that we have seen from Facebook is the birth of Cyber bullying. While this does not affect the majority of Facebook users, it does affect many teens across the nation during some of their most sensitive years. Because Facebook links entire communities it is difficult to escape cyber bullying once it has started.

  • Internet Users Must Be Careful Everywhere

    Crime, fraud and bullying can happen everywhere, on and off the web. Kids torment one another in chat rooms of every sort, from the once-again-edgy MySpace to school sites where kids do homework and form cliques. Attempted scams appear in people’s email, and at dating sites, job-seeking sites and more. Sexual predators haunt dating sites too, as well as craigslist and fan sites of all descriptions. People should be careful on Facebook, and everywhere else online.

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