Harmfulness of Facebook: Does Facebook do more harm than good?

  • Deliberately exploits user

    Facebook founders admit it was designed to use psychological tools that deliberately, Yet intermittently, Trigger reward centers of brain (much like slot machines) so that user is compelled to mindlessly spend an inordinate amount of time engaging the platform. Linked video has former FB execs admitting to this. . . Https://www. Screenedoutfilm. Com/

  • Created for teenagers. . .

    . . . And as a result, Teenaged angst and DRAMA is all you'll find there.

    * Zuckerberg has QUITE the product - everybody's a facebook apologist. There's something wrong when that happens - its like a goddamned religion.

    * EVERYBODY knows what's wrong with so-called "social media", Its extreme toxicity and the very bad privacy issues. Yet they keep using it - as far as I'm concerned, Its like ingesting poison.

    * I've been using, Building, Programming and designing computers since long before most people ever saw one or knew what one was. "This ain't it. " The site reflects the world's population pretty accurately, Except for ONE demographic: IT people and cyber security people. "We know better. " You don't see a lot of us there.

    * As a result, I don't consider "social media" to be "legitimate". Sort of hard to explain or quantify that, But "I wouldn't so dignify the product. " (by using it) as Bill Godbout once famously said about the S-100 bus.

    * Another reason, That I'll admit is "just me", Is its association with smartphones - something else I detest. I could, And have, Written other rants on THAT subject alone. Yea, I'm a grumpy old curmudgeon and freely embrace it! :D

    * The Internet was originally conceived as something completely decentralized. "social media" flies in the face of that.

    * I never *EVER* use my "real" or legal name on the Internet. NEVER. Facebook insists that you use legal names - and we all know why. That's plenty of "reason enough" to avoid it like the plague. Its very hard to find me on the 'net, Something I take very seriously and actively combat, Erasing myself when/where I can (Advice I received from a cyber security guru). Nobody can completely disappear of course, But I make myself as small as possible and refuse to carry a flashing neon target on my back, So to speak.

    * Lastly, But perhaps not leastly: That site was a thorn in my side before most people had ever heard of it - it was a small concern limited to 4 or 5 college campuses. Some idiot linked to my website claiming to be me. So I blocked links from there, A policy which still stands to this day! I get an average of 10 hits per day, Sometimes less, Sometimes more, From people who have tried to link to my site - mostly the sewing machine pages I think. Their links don't work!

    * Ok, I'll squeeze one more in: I have a lot of interests, Which means I belong to a lot of forums. Forums for every subject of interest are plentiful, And thriving. Except one: Belly Dance. The whole "Forums are obsolete, And have been replaced by facebook" mentality is endemic in the BD community. I don't know why, But BD is joined at the hip with "that site". Younger crowd?

  • Facebook inevitably harms personal relationships

    From my experience any time a post of some fun time or experience, There is someone who was left out or missed out. Facebook (and other 'social media' sites) is nothing more than a bragging board to make sure everyone knows that you are great and they are not. From what I have seen even those who are able to be happy for those of their friends and family having fun when they cannot, Will inevitably feel left out and wanting. I believe that Facebook and other sites of the same are a cancer to personal relationships, A strain as great as any addiction.

  • Facebook is Terrible

    It's for conceited people who want to brag on themselves and need attention to feel better about themselves. Twitter is the same. Just a bunch of garbage that gets people into arguments. FB, Twitter and social media in general are the most selfish, Evil, Self-centered uses of a person's time. They are an idea straight from Hell.

  • Harmful and dangerous

    Provides a forum that allows large groups of people to gather whose interests create more harm than good. Misinformation, Bullying in mass, Threats toward gender, Race, Religion, Widespread ignorance is spread; sexual harassment/assault, Child trafficking. Incitement of division between people. Not enough people following through with investigating identity theft and complaints, As well as bias to determine what can be said or posted that causes detriment to another person, Even when it's clearly wrong. There are too few safeguards to protect the welfare of the individuals using FB and access to their information. The psychological damage caused is also a major factor.

  • Facebook is a harmful drug

    Social media has democratised fame , giving ordinary people access to the very same feelings of stardom and adulation experienced by celebrities albeit in a virtual context and on a much smaller scale. Facebook knows this and is able to profit from this incessant desire to be liked and admired by others. The social dynamics are no different to school where children make tacit agreements with one another to gain . You like me , ill like you back, you increase my popularity, ill increase yours. The desire for social validation is the very lifeblood for sites such as Facebook, and many of its users are now heavily addicted to the dopamine highs and rushes of instant gratification they receive from superficial likes and comments. A desire for social validation is now one of the most powerful and addictive drugs in society, as more and more people find themselves unable to resist the allure of popularity that sites like Facebook provide.

  • It's ANTI Social Media

    Facebook is creating a generation of narcissistic people who have little to no inter personal skills. People are so obsessed with being liked that they try to portray a "Perfect Profile" of themselves which is in no way a reflection of their lives. Who posts "This is me 1st thing in the morning". All they do is seek approval from a crowd of self aggrandizing people who all think or want to be someone when what the world needs is people to start focusing on being decent moral human beings!

  • Endless propagation of misinformation

    The problem with Facebook is that anyone can put up any information they want, true or untrue, and it explodes on the network and becomes a movement. Today I saw petitions to fine a zoo for shooting a gorilla that was about to kill a 3 year old boy. Without actually seeing the terrifying video of this young boy being tossed around like a rag doll, people began to support this movement against the zoo workers who shot the gorilla. They saw something on Facebook and without the slightest bit of research, indeed without even looking any further into the matter at all, began to protest the zoo who doubtless saved this little boy's life. I see this kind of thing over and over and over again. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been guilty of it myself. Because of this endless propagation of misinformation, I have come to believe that Facebook does more harm than good and have decided to quit using it permanently.

  • Facebook is a thief of time

    We only have a finite amount of time on earth. We need to spend it wisely and spending hours every day staring at a screen reading about others instead of maintaining personal relationships is not healthy for mind or body. Even families can't enjoy each other at the dinner table with each having their nose in their device of choice,

  • Facebook causes people to lie

    People lie so much on Facebook it is unbelievable. People pretend their lives are so good yet they aren't and people have become so shallow.
    Posting pictures of food they are eating, the cat, dog or selfies.

    People who are on Facebook have low IQs if you ask me. Thanks

  • In a world full of chaos, we need peace. Facebook can get us there.........

    Majority of the world has been afraid to be their most truest self....Until Facebook. Yes, disagreements have happened and unfortunately, some relationships may have ended but how else would have this important truth been revealed? However, progress in this world cannot be made until we start from our most sincere, purest being because this is the place that creates understanding. This is important because peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. As hard (and sometimes painful) as it may seem, Facebook has helped get us to the starting point to understand one another (even if we don't agree). Now the pursuit of peace can one day begin because we are increasing our understanding of one another.

  • Way of Communication

    Facebook is a good way of communicating, if used properly. A lot of people meet each other through Facebook as an icebreaker. Friendships are made and maybe sometimes even relationships. I met my current boyfriend at his job and began talking through Facebook. We're actually a strong relationship. Thanks Facebook.

  • No, Facebook can help support businesses

    Facebook can't always be about posting random selfies or wasting a bunch of time. Facebook can also be used to advertise business and can also be used for educational purposes like Edmodo. And some people on the yes side say something about cyber bullying, this is a problem that can be easily solved on Facebook, either tolerate and report them or just go ahead and block them or unfriend them.

  • No, Facebook allows us to share the human experience.

    No, Facebook does not do more harm than good, because Facebook allows people to share love, laughter, hope, and other positive things. Facebook allows old friends to connect that would lose touch if they had to communicate by written letter. Although there are some harmful aspects of Facebook, there are many positive things that happen on Facebook that help people connect.

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