Harmfulness of Facebook: Does Facebook harm relationships?

  • Facebook is making people monsters

    The reason I say that is because the teens never think before they post any thing. Also, Facebook is proven to make people meaner because it brings people down, and Facebook also decreases life sanctification. I think Facebook and ALL social media is not the best way to talk or get out but it is the way kids use now days.

  • Facebook can cause interpersonal problems

    While Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with far flung friends and relatives, it can also cause tension in relationships. Like the much-maligned holiday newsletter, Facebook provides a platform on which one can carefully craft a "perfect" personality and an image of success. This false image can alienate others through jealousy, and make one afraid of real interaction lest the facade be pierced.

  • No, Facebook is authentic.

    No, Facebook does not harm relationships, because it allows people to connect in a way that is authentic. With Facebook, people stay in touch casually, even if they never would have taken the time to write letters. Facebook helps people be kind to each other, and encourage each other in their daily lives.

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