Harmfulness of Facebook: Is it Facebook (yes), or its users (no) doing harm?

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  • Users for sure!

    Although, at times, Facebook certainly seems alive, the truth is that Facebook is an inanimate object. It is incapable of doing harm. The users are the one doing the harm. They are the ones added tons of friends they barely know. They are the ones who ignore their friends and family. They are the ones addicted to posting every little thing that happens in their lives.

  • Not Facebook's Fault

    Bullying and other major social issues have always been around just not as public as they are now on Facebook. Blaming Facebook is ridiculous though as if Facebook did not exist then the cyber-bullying would just happen on a different site like Twitter, Google Plus, Myspace, etc. The problems truly begin in the home with bad parenting. Facebook or any other social media site cannot raise people's children for them.

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