Harmfulness of Facebook: This House believes that Facebook does more harm than good

  • I agree that Facebook is a harmful website.

    Ask Facebook users, and they're likely to admit that they're jealous of their Facebook friends' lives. They're also more likely to inflate things about themselves, and only present the good. A jab at Facebook is the name Fakebook. Members seem to present falsified views of themselves to others, and a feeling of jealousy and needing to outdo others is par for the course. There are also people who refuse to communicate with anyone if the people don't do so through Facebook. Facebook is changing the way we communicate and act with one another as friends, and not for the better. I have never been a member, and have never regretted it.

  • Facebook has helped our family in many ways.

    Facebook has been a great help to our family. We have been able to talk with family all over the world. My children get to see pictures of their cousins and well as their cousins seeing pictures of them. It is nice to have Facebook so that we can keep in touch with family.

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