Harrison Ford makes it big off Star Wars: Should there be salary caps for actors?

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  • No slary caps for actors.

    America is still the land of opportunity, last I heard. If oil company executives and pharmaceutical companies can make unlimited sums of money, why should actors be any different? If we are going to start limiting how much a person can earn in this country, then we will have to do it for everyone equally, starting with the oil companies and pharmaceuticals.

  • No, there should not a be salary cap for actors.

    Actors should not be subject to salary caps. Salary caps would essentially limit the hard work and potential success that an actor would achieve. Just because someone is successful and makes a lot of money, it does not mean that he should be punished by capping his salary. There should be no such thing as making too much money, as long as the person is worth it in the eyes of his employer.

  • They deserve the money.

    If a famous movie star allows a company to make a lot of money, the company should be allowed to thank the movie star by paying them a lot of money. The crew and less-famous actors should form a union to make sure they get a cut of the movie's success, but it should be their choice to negotiate actor pay.

  • No, there should not be salary caps for actors.

    Actors make their money by starring in commercials, TV shows and movies. Those commercials, TV shows and movies generate revenue for the producers. That revenue is used to pay the actors' salaries. If the productions do well, the producers and the actors benefit. As long as no tax payer money is used for these enterprises, then there should be no salary caps for actors. Let the studios pay them however much they wish to.

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