Harry Potter (yes) vs. Twilight (no): Which is better?

  • Harry Potter is just a better series in general.

    Harry Potter teaches girls teaches people true bonds. It isn't about some angsty teenage girl, that can't live without a boyfriend. Harry Potter teaches girls that looks don't always matter. Harry Potter teaches that money doesn't define you. Harry Potter teaches you to stay strong. Twilight is basicaly a fanfiction that a 13 year old wrote. It's a insult to literature. So please stop acting like Twilight is some, "amazing" book. It's not even adverage.

  • Harry Potter is better than twilight

    Twilight copied twilight.Hp teaches girls to be independent and smart and brave .What does twilight teach? You cant do anything without a guy!Ha.Some stupid twilight fans think twilight fans think hp copied it.Wrong.Hp was released way before twilight was so basically twilight copied hp.Stephanie meyer must've got a c if she had submitted twilight in english class.

  • Harry potter for da win

    Hp 4ever . The chair jkr first wrote harry potter ideas on sold for more tha n a million dollars . Twilight is a sappy blunt uninspiring copycat novel. Look at the polls right now the harry potter heads are winning for sure . You can try twilight lovers. You will never bat us.

  • HP for life

    Harry Potter teches about love, friendship,risk that are worth taking but Twilight is boring far in Comparison be honest Twilight sucks.Some pyscho name Victoria is coming at you with Vampires.Boring. But finding Horucruxes and saving the world!Awesome. Harry Potter has loads of plot twists and epic backstories Need I say any more

  • Harry Potter is better.

    For the people who said that Harry Potter copied Twilight, is a lie. Sirius Black and Jacob Black??? Harry Potter made in 1998 (or 1997) - 2008. Twilight made in 2009. They copy Harry Potter. And Please.. Vampires sparkes?? Lol no. Wizards are more cool. Vampires die in the sun. They dont spark

  • Harry Potter and Twilight. Need I say more?

    Harry Potter teaches Love, friendship, compassion, honesty, love, hop desire, earnestly, while Twilight Teaches how Important it is to have a boy friend. DUH HARRY POTTER IS BETTER!!!! It's obvious from the 4% Twi- Heads. Rt vtr ytr t tg gf gf gf g gf gf gf gf gf gf g gf gf

  • Harry Potter is awesome

    I can't describe HP, it is a complex book full of thrill, action, suspense, friendship and even romance. Twilight fans I would like to say 3 things to you: 1. Compare our Bella and your Bella. Ours can kill yours any day. She is tough. 2 Compare Ginny (Harry's girlfriend) with Bella. 3 Harry Potter teaches many things. Twilight doesn't teach us anything at all.

  • Das ist Quatsch

    Twilight ist totaler Quatsch. Erstens:Sie haben uns Cedric weggenommen.Dass ist echt ungerecht.Ich meine,wer will schon als Vampir wiedergeboren werden.Und dann noch als glitzernder Vampir!Außerdem ergibt die ganze Story keinen Sinn.Ich selbst würde so einen Quatsch nie schauen.Aber eine aus unserer Klasse hat mal darüber geredet.3.:Harry Potter gibt es als Buch UND als Film!(Und jetzt mal ganz ehrlich: Die Typen bei Harry Potter sehen viel heißer aus.)

  • Hp is the best

    Do I need to say a n y m o r e. H A R R Y P O T T E R I S T H E B E S T!!! !!! !!!Twi-Hards ARE P A T H E T I C. S O, BYE ! ! ! !

  • Harry Potter for life!

    Why is this even a question? Harry Potter is one of the greatest books to ever be written! It teaches the readers so much,love friendship, moral values and so much more with such well structured characters we have come to love and is now a part of our lives. No matter how old we are its something we will keep with ourselves forever unlike twilight. Twilight, of course teaches us how one desperately needs a boyfriend, even if its a pedophile. A 100 year old pedophile. Need i say more? And the lovely little bella goes to any extent to get him. The gender inequality in that waste of paper we are forced to call a book is abhorrent! And pretty much everything else. Its an insult to literature. Thats what it is.

  • Twilight is life

    Love twilight! Can't imagine a life without twilight!!!!!!! I've probably watched this series about 10 times in the past 2 weeks!!!!!!! It is just that good!!!!! This is a must see movie. Whenever i'm bored, i just watch the best movie series (and book series) ever!!!!!! Just love it!!!! Must read, and must see!!!!

  • Twilight is better.

    It is hard to compare because they both have different strengths and weaknesses I really enjoy Twilght more though. Just comparing the books it took way to long for anything interesting to happen in Harry Potter that really drew me in. In Twlight I was interested from the start of the book.

  • Omg kill it with fire

    Harry Potter teaches the value of friendship. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stick together no matter what, and though they do get in fights from time to time, they come out of them stronger than ever. Same with the Mauraders. Even after James, Peter, and Sirius find out Remus is a werewolf, they don't turn there backs on him. On the contrary, they spend three years learning to become Animagi (wizards that can turn into animals) so they can spend the full moon with him and make it more bearable. They refuse to abandon a friend no matter what. In Twilight, Bella makes a few new friends, but ditches them as soon as she has her shiny new vampire family. She becomes close friends with Jacob Black after Edward dumps her (though she takes 6 months to do anything but curl up in a ball and cry), but lo and behold, ditches him for Edward! She essentially tries to force two people competing with each other for her love to become friends because SHE will be happier that way, causing poor Jacob heartbreak and a mild mental breakdown.

    Also, we see no characters except angsty adults in teenage bodies who talk like every sentence is part of a poem. There are no troublemaking comical characters who sneak around pranking the crap out of everyone, like Fred and George (or shall I say Gred and Forge). There is no variety or depth to any of the characters at all. Everyone is either good or evil with no gray area in between. In HP nobody is all good or all bad. There's Snape, who's a good guy who's actually evil, who's actually good, who's actually evil, who's actually good, who's actually sort of both. There's Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of his time, who may have killed his sister. We can see pieces of ourselves in the characters, both good qualities and bad. The relatability of the characters makes them feel more real, and not some magical creature that randomly shows up one day and is so hot that all we can do is describe their hotness.

  • Twilight is better

    TWILIGHT IS AWESOME harry potter is meh. The books are so good and even the movies are clear. When i saw the hp movies, i had no idea what was going on until i read the books. Plus jk rowling drags the whole series AND ITS THE SAME STORY IN EVERY BOOK. Twilight is different.. 1st is about them falling in love, 2nd about bella's depression and how she overcomes it when edward leaves her, eclipse is about jacob fighting for his love and the newborns and breaking dawn is about bella turning into a vampire. By the way, harry potter is just about defeating voldemort. Now don't get me wrong, i was a potterhead when i read the series but i'm a twihard too and people saying that the books are bad need to get a life.

  • Stop saying that hp is better than twilight!!!!! They both are awesome.

    I have read both books and I feel that they both express important parts of life. When I came across articles that said that Harry Potter was better, I felt that Twilight should not have gotten hate from fans of Harry Potter. To defend twilight, I have made some counter arguments.
    First of all, Bella was not "weak." She just wasn't physically strong enough. It was also described in the books repeatedly that she was strong mentally. Even though she felt lost when Edward left her, she overcame her sadness eventually. Potter-heads also compared their Bella to ours based on strength. But, HP Bella never used her powers for good. The Bella in HP used her powers for evil and our Bella, even though she didn't have any "powers", she supported her parents and friends.
    Second, people hate Twilight simply because they think that it has romance and it doesn't teach anything. But that's not true. Bella took care of her mom in the hard times as mentioned in the book which shows mother-daughter love. Bella also cared for her daughter and saved her at any cost. This shows that one doesn't necessarily need to be strong but he/she needs to have a good personality and love others.
    Third, people say that Twilight is all about "having a boyfriend" but thats not true. It shows friendship, (Jacob was ready to help Bella), love (not just having a boyfriend but other kinds of love as I mentioned earlier), making the right choices, and many more.
    Also, people say that it doesn't entertain a wide variety of audiences but a book could be written to target one kind of audience too. Even though HP could be read by all, it is read by people who like a certain type of genre and people who like action (most of the book even though it has other morals too.) Even twilight has mostly romance so there is no point in saying that HP is better or Twilight is better (although I like Twilight).
    Lastly, people saying that "vampires don't sparkle" or any other statements like that, are wrong. Stephenie Meyer had her own interpretation on how vampires look. If you still don't agree with that, I could always say that witches and wizards need to look ugly and they don't go to school. It was Rowling's interpretation on the book and her own story. Also, for people who compare the characters, we could say that they all are unique in their own way. Strong women characters in Twilight: Alice, Jane, Renesmee (she had special abilities), Victoria (she was brave enough to revenge her love), Leah, some of the Nomads and Covens etc. You may argue that most of them were vampires but we could say that in HP, they were all witches.
    Furthermore, one doesn't always need to save the world because that's not what we all do. So stop saying that Twilight sucks BECAUSE TWILIGHT AND HP ARE EQUALLY AWESOME!

  • Twilight suck haha

    Ohh wait how do you spell twiilight or harry light Harry Potter teaches Love, friendship, compassion, honesty, love, hop desire, earnestly, while Twilight Teaches how Important it is to have a boy friend. DUH HARRY POTTER IS BETTER!!!!Ok first harry potter characters have backrounds, hermione actually does stuff unlike bella, just saying our bella can kill your bella anyday.

  • Doesn't everybody want love?

    Well as you can see Harry Potter is all about action, whereas twilight is more romantic, I'd like a show of hands of people that want to find love. That's what I thought. Twilight teaches us how when we find the right person we will love them forever. Anyway, isn't it beautiful how much Bella and Edward love each other? Doesn't everyone want to find that? If you don't, you are one sick and twisted person. The love life of Bella and Edward is touching, they love each other so much that is is a pleasure to watch such beauty on a television. If you don't agree with me, then I am afraid that you don't give a crap about love and will never find happiness in it.

  • Twilight b3tter haha

    Ok first harry potter characters have backrounds, hermione actually does stuff unlike bella, just saying our bella can kill your bella anyday.
    And people say we are copiers wow ok your movie came out 8 years after. Like black wow copiers and you say we are copiers wow.
    Just made you shoked

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