Harry Reid's granddaughter: Should Harry Reid's campaign expenditures be investigated further?

  • Why Give Her Money

    Harry Reid supposedly gave his granddaughter $17,000 out of his campaign money and all he can say is stop talking about his granddaughter? Of course his actions should be investigated further. Campaign funding has gotten out of control and problems such as waste need to be addressed. Why does the granddaughter need $17,000 of the campaign funds? It doesn't make any sense.

  • Harry Reid's Campaign Expenditures Calls for More Investigation

    Harry Reid's campaign returns that were filed should be investigated for the last 7 years because he has already been caught in possibly fraudulent expenditures. The $31,000 he paid to his granddaughter's jewelry company was meant to be hidden because the campaign records shows that the name of the owner was Ryan Elisabeth, and left off her last name of Reid.

  • Harry Reid's Investigation

    Giving money to your grand daughter from your own money is one thing, but when you are taking funds, from an account that people believed to be for a good cause is another. If there is any thing that is causing you to be a suspect in using fund money than, there does need to be an investigation, just make sure that you are not using money that is not for your personal needs.

  • Harry Reid's campain expenditures should be investigated further.

    Every politician, whether it is Harry Reid or anyone else, should have a clear cut list of how their campaign expenditures go. Because they receive so many donations, usually in the millions of dollars, there needs to be guidelines that every politician must follow. Because they are supposed to use the donations for campaigning, and they are representatives of the people of the United States, we must ensure that no member of congress is being fraudulent with their money.

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