Harvard scientists believe they've pinpointed the physical location of consciousness: Can consciousness be defined in physical terms?

  • Yes, it can.

    Consciousness may be defined in physical terms, although that does not necessarily mean that there is not more to conciousness that we do not understand. Also consiousness is about being awake and alert, and is not necessarily related to the idea of a soul, which would exist when someone is unconscious.

  • Scientists Found, Must be True

    If scientists found the exact location from which consciousness is, then we must believe it. The brain is a complicated organ but the more we study it, the more information we find out about it. They probably found consciousness somewhere in the brain and they probably have good data to back up their claims.

  • No, consciousness can not be defined in physical terms.

    Consciousness is in everyone. Some people listen to their conscience more than others, but we all have one inside of us. Consciousness is not something that can be found, but it is in all of us. Finding the consciousness is like finding the soul, it is impossible. It is not in the brain, it is in the heart.

  • Consciousness cant be defined physically because it is intangible.

    While we can certainly find the parts of ourselves responsible for creating the space in which we are alert, and present - we cannot find the space itself because it only exists to hold ideas or place. Similar to the idea of zero or nothing, it cant be physically defined.

  • This is based on an assumption

    This is based on the assumption that people's behavior including behaviors such as saying the words "I am conscious" are an accurate reflection of what is actually going on. Hypothetically someone or something could behave exactly like you would intuitively expect a conscious person to act but be doing so solely because of physical processes that don't require consciousness.

    Of course now they will just theorize that if certain physical processes exist consciousness therefore exists. But this is circular reasoning since they started with the assumption that certain observed behaviors automatically mean the subject is conscious.

    Still this research may be useful for medical applications. But it can't answer the hard, ultimately metaphysical problem of consciousness. Nothing ever can.

  • Conscious is not physical

    Consciousness is who you are. It is your personality, your experiences, and your reaction to those experiences. Though these all may be processed in the same section of the brain, to say that there is a physical representation of these things is illogical. I equate that to saying our soul is physical object, which, in my opinion, is not true.

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