Harvard University's school seal uses part of the crest of a slaveholding family: Should Harvard replace it?

  • Harvard should replace their offensive seal

    Harvard University should come up with a new school seal. Their current one uses part of the crest of a slaveholding family, and this could be offensive to many people. There are infinite other designs the school could use that do not support or provoke the memory of slavery, the simple gesture of changing their seal would be a great move towards equality and respect of all human beings.

  • It's History, Deal With It

    If the crest were made today, I would have no problem with them tossing it out. But this crest is a piece of history, and history can't be changed.

    Yes, I know the seal pays homage to a man who owned slaves, but that was hundreds of years ago, it's time to move on. George Washington owned slaves, and I don't see anybody trying to ban his monument.

    These days, people will take offense to everything. It's time historical accuracy overtook political correctness, and we simply tell the complainers "No!"

  • Why should they?

    Here are the following reasons that i think they should not:
    1. I think they should not because it is the original sign
    2. Another reason is, since it is the original when people see it they think of harvard, so if they change it people won't recongnize it as much.

    I rest my case

  • This is not an issue.

    The seal of Harvard University has roots in history, and it in no way inhibits education on campus.

    The truth is, there are many families who were slave owners. There are many symbols that we use today that are not innocent in the eyes of history. Harvard's seal is not an issue, and I think the fact that that has to be said testifies to this ultra-offended Politically correct culture that is growing in this country.

  • No, history should not be forgotten.

    No, Harvard University should not replace their school seal that uses part of the crest of a slaveholding family. I believe that it is important for Harvard to remember and embrace their history. Harvard University had ambiguous ties to slavery at one point, and this fact cannot be changed. Embracing the history of it serves to show how far they have progressed since.

  • The seal is part of Harvard's history, so it should not be replaced.

    In this day and age, it seems like people are constantly looking for things that they can claim offend them. Statues in parks in Baltimore are being taken down because just this year, people decided that they were offensive. And the worst part is that no one cares until someone tells them they should. I guarantee that very few even know that the family in the crest was a slaveholding family until someone decided to make it a big deal. So no--I do not think that Harvard's seal should have to be changed. It is not a reflection of how the school feels about slavery, and it is a part of history. It does not make slavery okay. It is just silly to have to change every little thing just because one person decides to take offense.

  • History is History

    It is about context, really. I don't believe that anybody really believes that as a result of the crest Harvard University is actively condoning slavery. At the time of the involvement of that family, while still not ethical, it was an acceptable practice to hold slaves. Now it is simply part of the history of a venerable institution.

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