Harvey Beaks (Yes) vs The amazing world of Gumball (No)

Asked by: RyanTheGamer
  • Harvey beaks yes

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  • Harvey Beaks-Makeing Gumball foolish again

    There are many reasons to choose harvey over gumball:
    1.More Music
    2.Chracters that match with the show
    3.Better Refrences
    4.Different Settings
    5.Better Jokes
    6.Less Censorship (you would like that reason if you watch this channel
    7.Better Lessons
    8.It's not a rip off
    In other words,comparing Harvey Beaks to Gumball is like comparing Trump with Hillary

  • The Amazing World of Gumball has good songs,good lessons,good story,good characters,and it has good jokes too which are way better than Harvey Boring.

    The Amazing World of Gumball is way better than Harvey Beaks because 1.The Amazing World of Gumball is and never was a ripoff of anything you are probably just saying that because you want Harvey Boring to win, also what kind of cartoons need music when another one has better music also if you are saying that its like comparing Trump with Hillary i think u are saying Gumball is like Hillary (the better one) and Harvey is like Trump (the bad one) also The Amazing World of Gumball teaches way better lessons but in a different way also even if Harvey Boring has different settings The Amazing World of Gumball has 9999999999x Better settings than Harvey Boring also i bet you never watched The Amazing World of Gumball so shut your mouth i bet you never watched the legendary show which is The Amazing World of Gumball also u spelled making as makeing so i bet you are just some 5 year old with that grammar.

  • Birdy boy isnt gf you bc goombal give me al succc

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