• Not advertised locally.

    Local cinema's no longer s offering a chance to see most Blockbusters in 3D. Pity because when I went to Florida 3 years ago I seen both a live action movie at Cape Kennedy and a Shrek special at Universal and was very inpressed. Hardly noticed any difference the other attempts at 3 day (and the paper glasses !)

  • People are more willing to watch a regular movie

    Yes, people are moving away from 3D movies because of their price, availability, and the overall economic decline in the movie presentation industry.

    My first argument states that people are moving away from 3D movies because of their price. Many people are realizing that they are paying twice as much for a movie that just has a cool effect, but it gets old. Once you've gone to a few 3D movies, the novelty of it gets old and you ask yourself, was it worth the price?

    My second argument states that people are moving away from 3D movies because of their availability. This argument doesn't just argue 3D movies, but movie theaters in general. People have the option of seeing one movie for ten dollars at a movie theater, or spend ten dollars and get a one month Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription. One movie compared to thousands of movies and TV shows available on multiple platforms.(one fact to remember here is that Netflix and Hulu Plus only support 2D, to be compatible with all TVs) Another reason that backs up this argument, is the availability of 3D TVs. Not only that, but once you purchase a 3D TV, you have to buy a special DVD player that is compatible with 3D TVs, that sounds like a lot of work and money compared to using a computer or regular TV to watch 2D movies.
    My last argument is similar to my second argument because it states that that movie presenting industry is shrinking. Many 3D movie theaters and 3D TVs are loosing business to regular TVs that support Netflix and Hulu Plus. People like regular movies because they can be played on all kinds of TVs. People don't like to be locked in a world where they can only play their DVDs on their TV at home because they won't work on any other device that isn't 3D.

  • We have seen nothing yet!

    When done right, 3D is an incredible experience. Beyond the gimmick, beyond the cheesy effects, beyond the "in your face" stunts, there is an immersive quality to 3D that brings you closer to the action. This is why 3D keeps coming back and why people get excited with the experience. Some like to say that 3D never made it. I prefer to say that 3D refuses to die. The current 3D movie era has far outlasted the previous one (more than seven years since Chicken Little vs less than 3 years in the 50's!). This is simply because with today's digital technologies, there is a business model for 3D. It is economically possible today to bring a constantly great 3D experience to audiences around the world. From capture to display, there are many technical challenges that digital technologies help solve. But the real challenge is to learn how to use these new tools. Today, serious movies by serious directors are getting done in 3D and as they are learning to use the tools, the experience is getting better and better. My opinion is that 3D has made it through the difficult infancy phase and that it is now ready to enter an even more exciting growth phase. As director's and DP's learn to master the 3D film making process, they'll take us to places we would have never anticipated. Brace yourselves, this is just the beginning!

  • 3D in the Third Millennium

    Making 3D films is not over, but it is shifting before our very eyes. Now that any theater can show a 3D film there is much more engagement in the experience of being included in scenes of a variety of types. However these 3D films are on the path so many other genre's have taken. First they were developed more like travelogues to illustrate the technology and shown in specialty large screen settings. Then they were developed with a story line often borrowed from other films. Now they have moved to regular theaters. Next they will follow the regular films into the living rooms of the country. The 3D technology, although still in its infancy and quite pricey, will draw these 3D presentations into the homes for entertainment and education. The 3D film making itself will maximize the distinctive of its genre as story teller and folks will demand ever greater access to its uniqueness. Re-manufacturing 2D films are not cutting it at all, 3D films must be designed and filmed from the beginning to the end to show their full capabilities.

  • 3D Films are Still Popular

    3D Films are still popular and bring in big revenue. Its a way for film companies to milk the product even more. I took my nephew to see Monsters Inc 3D a few days ago and the theater was packed. I was shocked because the film came out several year ago.

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