• Yes, Dress Kids As the Innocents They Are

    Who has not seen a toddler dressed like a miniature rock
    star? Halloween costumes are an extreme example, but these children dressed as
    adults can be seen in supermarkets and schoolyards too. The terrible trend sexualizes
    kids before they have an idea of what sex is all about, and it makes tweens and
    young teens look like they are ready for anything when they are barely ready
    for middle school. Parents should never dress their children in clothes that can
    give strangers the wrong idea, and give the kids the wrong idea too.

  • Children's fashion has become too adult oriented.

    Children's fashion, particularly for girls, is no longer age appropriate in design or appearance. Like designs for older women, clothing for girls has become somewhat suggestive with exposed midriff shirts, sheer shirts and dresses and short hemlines. When children are encouraged to dress like adults, they also feel the pressure to act like adults. Children's fashion should be scaled down to be more playful and less adult-like.

  • Yes it has

    I think the whole world has gone topsy turvey, fashion seems to be more about how much of your thin body you can expose, and we already are teaching little children to grow up far too quickly and become models of their Mums, wearing lipstick, high heeled shoes and provocative clothes.
    Whatever happened to being proud at wearing your first white pair of 1/2" high heeled shoes at the age of l8???

  • Yes it has

    I see girls teen girls wearing belly shirts and short skirts. Just they other day I saw a little girl not much more than 7 years old! She was with what I assumed to be her older sister(s) and her friends. She was wearing a belly shirt! Where are the parents? Don't they see what their kids are wearing? We are teaching girls that the more skin you can show the more you are worth! Today's girls think the more a boy stares at you the more self esteem you have. Girls need better role models and you can blame t.v. or the Miley Cyrus of the world but the parents should be doing their jobs also!

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