Has all of America historically had a problem with open racism?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Yes it has

    America has historically suffered from race and ethnic issues. From Slavery before the Civil, to the Civil Rights marches in the 1950s and 60s, the U.S. has suffered from horrible race issues. America grew and expanded because of the poor treatment of Native Americans, where many were slaughtered or forced to move to make room for ambitious white Americans that wanted to realize their dreams. Half of Mexico was also taken for the same reason. America was founded on blood and on racism, sadly, even while many of the founders imagined a world where men would be equal (excluding women); of course, their hypocrisy was apparent.

  • Historically yes we have

    In the past, yes the United States has had a significant problem with racism. Thanks to the Civil War and then the Civil Rights movement significant advances have been made toward the advancement of race equality. Are we all the way there yet? No, we are not, but we have come closer than any other nation has yet.

  • Yes we have

    Today open racism is when blacks beat up whites and even kills whites because of their race and when the media ignores those cases. Racism is not a white cop killing a black out of self defense. White people mostly feel bad about what some of us did 50 years ago and want to be politically correct and not say anything had about any black person ever. I don't care about race or political correctness. If your nice than I'll be nice to you and if you are a d*** I'll ignore you.

  • "Harlem Nights" pretty much shows what all of America had

    The North hasn't been closet racist. I mean what kinda dumb statement is that anyhow? No they have always been openly racist and violent, and Danny Aiello's portrayal of Phil Cantone (a crooked womanizing cop in the movie "Harlem Nights," of northern English Anglo-Saxon descent) is a good example of the kinda bigotry that has always surrounded America. It wasn't just the South. All of America had an issue with bigotry and lynching. ALL of America. Not just the Bible Belt (which is a stupid term in itself, cause it should include all of America).

  • If someone said no i would've gone off on them

    We literally have had racial problems since Columbus (who did not discover america BTW) set foot in America. Darker skinned people literally have slightly different skin molecules than whites. That doesn't mean they get to be constantly oppressed and de-humanized to the point of self-loathing. *cough* *cough* trump *cough* *cough*

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