• For sure they are bullies with customers

    I had my account suspended for no reason. They asked me to provide personal information and when you try to contact them for better explanation nobody can help. It seems like obviously they don't care about my business, and the reason is that they are too big and don't care about individual customers needs.

  • More like, they're writing checks they can't cash.

    Amazon does a lot of things well. It sells books well, it provides cloud services well. What it doesn't do well is compete fairly and innovate successfully. In between becoming a bully to publishers and customers alike, and failing to deliver a truly standout gadget, Amazon has become arrogant with out any real justification. Pushing for drone delivery of products is the pinnacle example of this.

  • Yes, Amazon is getting too big.

    I'm a big fan of Amazon, but there are many things I've heard about it that worry me. One of the main things I worry about is that they believe in giving a good deal so as to undercut other companies. An example is Amazon sold at a loss to compete with them, because they wanted to buy them out. When I hear about underhanded tactics like this, it makes me worry that they are becoming more like a monopoly.

  • I love Amazon!

    I don't think so! I love shopping on Amazon! Probably a bit too much, I always find great deals on there, and spend more than I should. I think everything Amazon is doing is great. I'm not really sure what is meant by too big for their britches, as that usually means have they grown too large, and I am not sure where that question really stems from.

  • Amazon should keep growing.

    Amazon has been successful for a very long time. In my opinion, they have not become too big for their britches. The company has simply grown, just like any other company with potential would. Amazon should keep growing if you ask me. If there's still room for growth, why stop?

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