• America is too dependent on insecure technology

    Our need for the next, best thing at the lowest price has issued in a wave of insecure technology that continues to increase our dependence while decreasing the stability of our economy. As we become a hyperconnected society filled with ubiquitous devices in and on our bodies, our cars and homes the reality of privacy evaporates before our eyes. When hackers can hack our tv's to listen to our living rooms, hack our webcams to watch our children, hack our thermostats to affect the powergrid, hack our personal information to affect our livelihood without the demand for solutions, I believe we have met the definition of becoming too dependent on technology.

  • Technology Is a BIG problem in america!

    Technology is like a new trend but worse! Almost all people over 13 have a smartphone or some kind of electronic. Even little kids under 3 years old have IPads of their own! And some shcool districts even have gotta every one of their student a computer or an IPad! Do you call that crazy or what! We are just letting this happen too! The average Teen with a phone can't even spend a day without technology! Now smaller children and even toddlers are in LOVE with IPads or watching a movie or a show!

  • New Technology Requires Less Effort

    There's always new technology being invented. Soon, there's gonna be a robot to do this, one to do that, and all we have to do is sit back and swipe the screen with a finger, or just say a word to have it do something for us that we might become too lazy to even do.

  • Soon technology would be the only thing we will depend on which is bad

    You cannot depend your entire work on it. I believe that soon there will be a technology crisis, maybe the ATM's will say 0, or they will be hacked. If you move all of the things you're dependent on into technology and it gets hacked you "technically" have nothing left.

  • Yes. Think about it, when a computer goes down or no cell coverage what do we do?

    We as people have become way too ver dependent on on technology. As I said in my opening, what do we do when something goes down, we go crazy and need to find another way to see whats the new trend or whats happening today or even whatever he/she posted on Instagram this morning.

  • When computers don't work.

    I think the overreliance on technology becomes quite obvious when a computer in the Supermarket or a fast food restaurant goes down at the checkout line and the salesclerk doesn't know what to do. If that alone isn't enough proof of over-Reliance on technology than I really don't know what is.

  • When will you understand that we have taken it too far

    The realization that technology has become are dependent is right there in front of our eyes assimilate with technology. More like become so dependent on it that we are no longer able to sustain ourselves without it math grammar and these are just a few things that we are already losing. It is true that we have used technology to better humanity in some ways yes robotic legs,arms eyes are all ways we have used technology to benefit us as a species but Facebook and all these other things have become are,center and that has coused many problems

  • Yes we are.

    The question is are Americans too dependent on technology? Are you sitting here reading this paper? Yes! Yes! Yes! People are too dependent on technology. 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone. 67 percent of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls — even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating. Americans depend on technology not just in terms of electronics but also, medically and socially.

    It is not a bad thing that Americans are too dependent. If the technology is there, why not use it? Phone's, cars, computers, and television are just a few of the things people depend on a day-to-day basis in terms of electronics. People can communicate within a few seconds. Cars have become safer and more advanced. Television has become a source of entertainment and a way of transmitting news all over the world. This advances communication and transportation. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • Because They have Been using and creating more technology a lot.

    Technology has been so reliant to them that they are creating more so that they may have a better life and for future generations. Making more tools to create objects using ideas that are best. They are trying to create more things that thinks beyond everyday objects so that it is best for everyone around the globe to use and for them to gain money.

  • America is far too dependent on technology

    Because of the overwhelming amount of new technologies, people can no longer spell, do math, socialize, or do other basic functions on their own. We have become antisocial, nearly incapable of socializing without technology. Aside from all this, if something were to go wrong, if we got attacked and the power grid went out, we would be entirely helpless because nearly everything we have and do stems from technology.

  • America has not become too dependent on technology.

    America has not become too dependent on technology. Although America uses a lot of technology, this is no different from any other country. In fact, the wide spread use of technology in America is one of the things that makes it strong. Technology makes the quality of life in America better and it makes the wokrplace more efficient.

  • No I don't think that is possible

    America has not become too dependent on technology. Technology is an advancement in human existence. It should not be viewed as a negative or an extra part of our daily life, but is our daily life. We created the technology and use it as we need it. I don't think there is such a thing as too dependent on technology.

  • America has not become too dependent on technology

    America has not become too dependent on technology. This is because of the fact that over time the human race will assimilate with technology. It is only natural for all nations including America to become more and more dependent on technology. This isn't to say that America has become "too" dependent on technology, because it's a good thing that we're closer with technology, and this will improve things.

  • America has not become too dependent on technology.

    America has not become too dependent on technology. I think that technology just assists us in our daily work life and it is not a bad thing. We are able to get the same job done but twice as fast. I think any advances in technology should be viewed as a good thing.

  • No, America has not become too dependant on Technology

    Technology is one of the greatest things that happened America. We can never be too dependent on technology in my opinion, because technology is changing the world. Where would we be without a computer, without a vehicle to drive, amongst other things. Technology is becoming a necessity to our way of life.

  • Technology has helped us.

    Technology has changed us for the better. We no longer need to understand the Dewey Decimal system at the library because we can look up books on the computer. We no longer have to call our husbands to ask them to pick up a gallon of milk because we can send a text message. Technology has not harmed us. It has helped us to become more efficient. The things we need to learn are still there but they have changed because of technology.

  • We need technology

    I don't really have a reason but im we need it to be able to advance in many different ways. I don't really have a reason but im we need it to be able to advance in many different ways. I don't really have a reason but im we need it to be able to advance in many different ways.

  • We are not

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