• Most Definitely.

    Our Constitution clearly outlines the parameters of our government, which they've, more than once, exceeded without shame. However, even MORE to blame, are those who speak not a word, and silently consent as our rights are stripped bare. It's this simple: if you're not willing to fight for your rights, you don't deserve them.

  • Rights Not Being Defended

    The constitution has failed Americans because it does not defend our rights. We can't make our own decisions. I think the problem roots with religion in congress. I'm a christian but America isn't controlled by the bible. It shouldn't be at least. Gay people have the right to marry who they want in the constitution but because most of congress are Christians they will always find a way around the first amendment rights. The same goes for plural marriages. It is with in the mormon religion to be a polygamist and while I understand there are limits to the freedom of religion, their religion isn't hurting anybody or society by getting married to more than one spouse. Its the religions that sacrifice humans to gods and other things that should remain illegal, but nothing that won't hurt society should be illegal.

  • Yes, American is failing its Constitution

    Maybe not always, but in more recent times, America is failing its Constitution. We no longer have the freedom we used to have here. Our choices are being dictated for us, for example, the soda ban. We can't even protest anymore without law officials stepping in. Things need to go back to the way we were, before we turn into a third world country.

  • No, America has not failed its Constitution.

    No, I do not believe that America has failed its Constitution. In fact, it is the the complete opposite, because the country we have today is more heavily based on the Constitution than it was even when the Constitution was written. Each year we pass more and more legislation that adhere more strongly to our Constitution than they do our state government.

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