Has America had enough Bushes and Clintons as presidents?

  • We have had enough of the Clintons, Bush and Obama.

    We have had enough of the Clintons and Obama. The country has seriously gone downhill since these individuals came into office. I hope that the majority of voters don’t make the same mistakes again in the next election by voting for a Clinton. We need new energetic people in Washington that know how to get everyone in all parties working together instead of the dividers and finger pointers we have in office now. Its time to clean house and get some truly exceptional individuals in office not the same old gang that has been there way to long. The Bush era was also nothing to brag about either. I’m sure there are many women around that would be much better candidates than Hilary Clinton. If a women president is to be in our future sometime then let’s get a woman to run for president that deserves serious consideration. Hillary Clinton is not that woman.

  • Looks like a joke.

    Hillary CLINTON vs. Jeb BUSH for 2016?

    Is there really no better contender? Is that all America has to offer?
    Is there nothing new to propose?

    In fact the candidature of the son, the wife, or the brother of a former president is a sign of the decadence of a nation, even more if such nation pretends to be a democracy.
    Here is our choice:
    In the Bush family: After having the father AND the son, we can now have the brother ...
    In the Clinton Family: After seeing how honest an adulterous husband (casually president) can be, we can now try the cheated wife.

    What is really exhibited here is how politicians individually struggle for power more than for ideals. They don´t want their principles to win (as they are obviously not the only carriers of such principles), they want to keep all under their control. Or at least to keep it on a family level. It can be all resumed in this: Once you have tasted power, it is difficult to let it go ...

    The worse is how this is made possible. Citizens are constantly brainwashed. Their principal source of stimuli is controlled by mass media who serve stupid sit-coms, tearful reality shows, and irrelevant multimedia information. Our era worships mediocrity.

    As long as it is as it is, no real representation of the citizens will exist. The real question is: are there citizens, or just puppets manipulated by the powerful elite?

  • Yes, America is not a dynasty.

    Yes, America has had enough Bushes and Clintons for a while, because we are a democracy, and not a dynasty. There is something wrong with a political system, in which anyone can run for president, when the same families are constantly elected again and again. That is a sign our system is broken. I would like a relatively poor, unknown person to become president.

  • Yes, we have had enough Bushes.

    I would say we have dealt with enough Bushes. We had Bush Sr. as Vice -President under Ronald Reagan and one term a President. We had Bush Jr. for two terms. I think that is rather enough from one family. Clinton only served two terms. We need more Clintons as President and Vice-President.

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