• When "up is "Down"

    Has America Opened Pandora's box Part # 2 .....
    But not knowing who a person was, has led people to claim idenities which placed them in positions beneficial to them even though we know that it was done unintentionally, done because of their own lack of ability to be sure about who they were. Elizabeth Warren, totally confused as to who she was professed to be a Native American Indian and then equally confused as to his idenity, Ward Churchill was sure that he too, was an Native American Indian. Hillary Clinton when running for president the first time against Barack Obama became confused about her identity reverted to the dialect of the Black race, she sddressed a Black church group thus," I aint no way tired, I've come too far, no one told be the road would be easy....."
    Then just recently a white woman, who out of a lack of knowledge as to who she was identified herself as a black person while working at the offices of the NAACP . "NCAAP's Dolezal accused of 'blackface' by adopted brother; she says trans-racial..." “She puts dark make-up on her face and says she black,” Ezra Dolezal told Buzzfeed News. “It’s basically blackface.”
    By Guardian Web June 15, 2015
    These listed consequences above are only some of the problems caused in a society where confusion reigns even down to the citizens not being able to know who they were, "when "up" is "Down" and "Down" is" Up."

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