• When "up" is "down"

    Part #1
    America today, in switching from the traditional guid lines and thoughts of the past to the secular ideologies of the liberals, in which everything is looked at as relative, no "right or wrong," in regards to the citizens conduct has left the countries people to the whims of the arbitrary dictums of the intellectual elite to service as their guide.
    In the past, traditions, morals, or religious guideance from America's church leaders were there but these sources of what is proper conduct are no longer considered as having any validly or value leaving the people to their own devices and their interpretations and understandings as to how they should live their lives.
    Thus the citizens are left in a quandary in a world all ready filled with turmoil and the indecisions caused by a ever changing world, this not knowing who a person is, has lead to confusion as to the most important and vital issues in a person's life, the ability to know for certain who they are and their idenity. The truth of this dilemma and the problems caused by this lack of the ability to defind who a person is has been very harmful to the citizens as well as to the rest of society as well. For an example, because of the inability of people to fully know who they were, society has had to accommodate those individuals who are confused coompletely, even to the point of not having been able to determine which gender they were, transgender bathrooms have had to be furnished .
    And of course, in a society that has increasenly desided not to be judgemental, who are we to judge others, everything after all is relative,no wrong or right, attitude those who are sure that they're females have to be burdened with the possibility that a prevert/ male, will falsely claim to be a transgender and invade the privicy of a girls bathroom with bad intentions in mind. Would you as a father of a daughter or a husband, have his wife exposed to a man in their bathroom, no matter what sex they claimed to be.
    Then just recently a transgender claiming to be a female was allowed to fight a female and the transgender injured the female fighter seriously..."Transgender “Female” MMA Fighter Brutally Injures Female Opponent..."
    Jun 8, 2015

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