• They killed a certain amount of us, And we kill way more.

    According to pbs. Org “Between 1. 3 to 2 million people have died in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan as a result of war since September 11, 2001. ”
    Meaning that the US has killed that many people. But when searched up, There have been 25, 621 deaths that they have done to us. This means that when they killed that many of us, A large number, We repay with way more than one million killed back. Vengeance is big enough as it is, And one death is way too many, But to get payback with over that many? Not good.

  • Yes, America's involvemnet in Iraq has done more harm than good.

    America on more than one occasion has had to play the part of world police. A task of which America is never appreciated for. When the United Nations cannot participate they seem to expect America to react or fund such an operation. While we are part of the world wide system, it should not be our position to rush in every time there is a disagreement unless our people or interests are threatened.

  • The American intervention in Iraq has ultimately done more harm than good.

    While it is undeniable that Saddam Hussein and his regime were horrific, and that its removal positive, the American intervention in Iraq ultimately resulted in more harm than good. For the United States, the invasion sapped valuable resources from the War on Terror, proving to be a costly exercise that served to benefit to the United States or its interests. For Iraq, the invasion has brought a period of non-stop violence and chaos, inflamed ethnic and religious tensions, and made the country a magnet for terrorists. With perhaps the sole exception of Kurdistan in the north, the invasion has been a disaster.

  • It quashed chemical weapons production.

    The American intervention in Iraq has done more good than harm, because Iraq was on the path to production of chemical weapons, and the invasion hampered that production. Iraq was assisting Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan in the persecution of Americans. It was important that the United States cut this off and pave the way for a more honest system of government in Iraq.

  • We got rid of a dictator.

    American intervention in Iraq has improved our safety at home because we went in there to seek out WMD. If we had not done this, we would never know if there were any WMD. In addition, the forces got rid of Iraq's dictator, which was probably the most successful part of the mission.

  • It has done more good.

    There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein was a dictator, and a violent one at that. He treated his people poorly, like peasants, while fattening himself up and living in palaces. The celebrations after he was defeated were widespread throughout Baghdad. But, Iraq is far from a good place to be even with US intervention.

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