Has American media succeeded in remaining an impartial watchdog during this political campaign?

Asked by: Sunnyallday
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  • The mainstream bias couldn't be more clear.

    In the 2016 election cycle and to the current point in time, the media has been lopsidedly biased against Trump, his supporters and conservatives. Since day one of the Trump campaign and even before then, conservatives have been dehumanized in countless stories written by them. They will also condemn the violence of Nazis but ignore the same violence by Communists. Despicable.

  • Domesticated Political Lapdogs.

    From an outside perspective, it appears as though the media favors one candidate over another. Regardless of what one might think of either of the candidates it seems imperative for a person working in public media to put that opinion on the shelf whilst they are at work. By pandering to one candidate they neglect asking important questions and demanding answers that could only aid people in their final decision, they muddle the campaign, and aid in making it the circus it has been. The media is supposed to be an impartial watchdog and voice of the entire people of a country, not another platform for politicians to push their agenda. It becomes exceedingly difficult to trust the media at their Word, which is a shame. In my opinion they have sold out and abandoned their original function.

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