• Patriotism can be used to discriminate

    The second version of patriotism is joining together for the common good. That might mean contributing to a bake sale to raise money for a local school or volunteering in a homeless shelter. It also means paying our fair share of taxes so our community or nation has enough resources to meet all our needs, and preserving and protecting our system of government.

    This second meaning of patriotism recognizes our responsibilities to one another as citizens of the same society. It requires collaboration, teamwork, tolerance, and selflessness.

  • Hatriots are not Patriots

    I am all for american pride, but the problem with pride is it can become ego. If you truly love something, you must understand all the problems it also has. America is great, but we lack in many areas such as education and healthcare. We must fix problems such as this, especially when we are the richest country in the world. If you truly love your country, know exactly why. Always saying we have freedom does not cut it.

  • American Patriotism has gone from national pride to national exclusivity

    The concept of American patriotism as it is usually practiced is already morally detestable, that is, elevating a nation that has committed numerous crimes and hypocrisies to the status of "exceptional." Yet American Patriotism, when taken out of hand, takes a turn for the worst by subscribing to a "No True Scotsman" definition of American.

    Being truly "American" is often synonymous (at least with conservatives) with being natural born, christian, and even white. 54% of Republicans for instance, believe that Obama is "deep down a Muslim," despite doing nothing to back this up other than by pointing to his Muslim middle name, not to mention using his cautiousness in deeming the war on terror as a war against middle-eastern extremism rather than on Islam. Not to mention the infamous "birther" conspiracy.

    What America needs to do is to come to grips with the real crimes it has committed as a nation-state in order to climb its way to superpower status, as well as to understand that America, while founded in a theocratic, white supremacist age, should stand not for the beliefs of its founding fathers, but for those of its modern, multi-ethnic, population.

  • People over country, morals over law

    A woman posted a rant on FB about a man she saw outside of a local business struggling to put a flag on a pole. It was large and was dragging on the ground. She continued that she was so appalled at the disrespect for our nations flag. So much so that she confronted the man to teach him flag etiquette. She then proceeded into the business and gave the management a talking to. She even went so far as to tell a minority to go back to their country when her rantings weren't met with submissiveness. This is a true story. I am actually being kind telling it. This woman was not. Now okay one may see it as a teachable moment in how to handle the flag. However this woman did not do that she instead shamed people. This was not it though. What really caught my attention was all of the responses to it. People praising and applauding her actions!!' People continuing to shame the man involved. Only one lone soul responded by saying " so instead of lending the guy a hand she goes off on a tangent " . It was more than I could bare. So many things wrong here. She completely put a piece of cloth over the dignity of another human being. I get it the flag is a symbol. But there is a difference between blatant intentional disrespect and unintentional. We put way too much emphasis on tangible symbols and monuments. When we should be looking out for each other on a human level. That is what America is about. True freedom is not in the flag it is in the people. Thia is a prime example as to why I think patriotism has gone too far. I love my country! I love the people in it, the land and mostly I love God. I don't need a flag or a monument to prove or to say it for me!

  • Patriotism has gone too far

    Patriotism is sometimes a good thing; people will care for their communities if they love where they live. However, when people support discriminating against or killing those who aren't Americans or patriotic, then it gets out of hand. Too many people support the actions of our country's government without properly analyzing the consequences.

  • There's nothing wrong with patriotism, but...

    Loving and fighting for one's country is one thing, but we we have now is blind patriotism, which is extremely dangerous. There will come a time when our patriotism will be tested, and blind patriots will jump into it without question. This could either be really good, or really bad. For instance, Nazis were patriots, they followed blindly, and at the end of the day that wasn't an excuse for what they did.

  • Nationalism vs Patriotism.

    By definition, patriotism is love of country. But nationalism is patriotism getting out of hand. It's being in a state of believing that not only do you love your country, but that you think it's the best damn country there is, and that other countries suck compared to the one you love. In my opinion, yes, America has a nationalist problem based on the fact that we want to be the world policemen in the world.

  • I Love America, but We Need to Open Our Minds

    To be clear, I love America and I am completely patriotic as a Michigander, but the truth is, after living abroad for 1.5 years, I've realized that perhaps we are overly patriotic. No one should tell us not to be patriotic, true, but on the other hand, we must make sure that our patriotism is not clouding our ability to understand people around the world. Looking back, it seems that we are completely caught up in our own issues. It is good to do so, but we must also be aware of how others perceive us and make an attempt to become part of the more global community. This does not just mean fighting wars or providing billions in aid to so many nations. It comes down to the individual. No one is perfect and there will always be someone who thinks he/she is better because of nationality (no matter what nation he/she is from), but we in America should make sure that our patriotism does not get too out of hand, as it is getting, and make sure that we keep open minds about the world.

  • Any country but America.

    If this were any country other than America it would be a non issue. The argument that "patriotism leads to discrimination" is also patently wrong as by that logic everything leads to discrimination. If America weren't the most powerful country on the planet, no one would care about Americans' pride in America.

  • No, of course not!

    How hypocritical of anyone to say Americans can't have patriotism, but anyone from another country can...?! Most people illogically believe that America was inhumanely founded. What people choose to ignore are the crimes committed by other countries. America comparatively is and was very humane. What you don't seem to understand is that back during those times and before, no country was humane compared to standards today. America was founded based on that fact. What you don't hear in school is the fact that America was founded, because the British empire was horrible to it's people at the time and colonies. The reason the founders of America focus so strongly on rights is because their rights had been taken from them.
    Also, since people focus so much on slavery. I will discuss that. Everyone hating America almost always brings up slavery. This is hypocritical. Every other country in the world, minus maybe micro-countries, Has had slaves. A majority of them at the same time America had slaves, especially Europe. A majority of slaves America actually purchased were slaves European countries like England, France, and Spain stole! America generally bought everything, even land obtained during "manifest destiny"(Louisiana purchase). Other countries mostly took things with force even slaves. Are we now excusing crimes committed by other nations by the sheer fact you'd rather hate America. For what reason, most arguments I hear against America have no facts supporting them.
    Most people that hate America bring up America bombing Japan. America actually warned Japan many times about the attack. They asked civilians to evacuate. They asked the Japanese government to surrender. The Japanese government, basically laughed in America's face and said "I bet you won't". They bet their people. So, America dropped one bomb. They warned the Japanese again. America went as far as to drop "leaflets" from the sky (by plane), telling the japanese civilians to evacuate immediately.

    Because of your leaders' refusal to accept the surrender declaration that would enable Japan to honorably end this useless war, we have employed our atomic bomb."

    The japanese government, again said,"I bet you can't do it again". They bet their own people. How sad.Not to mention the horrible war crimes japan committed. As well as, they doomed themselves and the axis powers (their allies) by bringing America into a war we didn't even start. (Pearl Harbor)

    Next time get facts before you hate something/someone so viciously. I realize people love to hate. If you don't stop hating for the sake of being a good person, at least stop being so hateful for yourselves. It's bad for your heart. Hate raises your blood pressure!... I don't hate other people from other countries without reason (I actually like Japan now and anime C: ) and I definitely don't hate other countries without solid reason (like North Korea. Not the people of course>_>). I just expect you to show the same respect to me and my country like I do in return.

  • There is no such thing as over patriotism

    It's our country, so we can do what we want in it. Why take that away from us. A patriot is a patriot, and thats that. Patriotism is a state of mind not and action. We can think as well as do what we please. Thoughts are emotional and actions are physical, you wouldn't believe the things that i have all wrapped in my mind.

  • Nothing Wrong With Pride

    To be able to drive our country forward, we must believe in the quality of our nation and its people. Patriotism preserves the hope of progress.

    The problem we face today is lack of patriotism. The politicians don't love this country. They only seek to further their own careers, and base their political decisions off of personal gain instead of nationalism.

  • We aren't patriotic enough.

    Our neighborhood is full of foreigners and anti-americans. So many democrats, so how do you think I feel when I see 5 american flags flying though the wind as a walk. Proud. A democrat won presidency. That just proves why we need to be more american. We need to follow the constitution.

  • America the Beautiful

    A country can never be too proud of its achievements. Its no wonder Americans are so patriotic: They're practically associated with liberty and justice. Heck, even my friends here in Italy have dreams of going to an American college. Sure their patriotism can be a little in-your-face sometimes, but for country where most Europeans think that being American and being fat go hand-in-hand, I think America deserves a little extra spotlight. Respect.

  • Of course not!

    While you shouldn't discriminate against other nationalities or their countries (unless they are a common enemy), You should take pride in the country that you contribute to.

    Anybody here - citizen or immigrant - with the intent of pursuing their dreams, contributing to society, or protecting the country should show some patriotism. Fly the flag in your yard, celebrate Independence day, thank a veteran.

    Politely show those haters that you don't care about their opinion.

    Posted by: nt86

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