• No one cares anymore.

    Our last great president was Ronald Reagan-and that was from 1981 to 1989. However, From George H. W Bush, All we got are crappy presidents who only care about money. Bill Clinton had too many scandals, George W. Bush signed No Child Left Behind, Barack Obama created a crap healthcare system, And Donald Trump is just bad. No one cares anymore about these people.

  • It is bad.

    I don't know what "American politics" refers to, Whether it is elections, Law, Society, Economics, Etc. What I DO know is that it is not good. Elections only provide two parties, There is rampant racism and sexism, Large corporations rig elections and government, And more! Nothing is so great anymore.

  • It was set to be bad

    All presidents lie and do what is best for the people on top. Since Rockefeller bought out the politicians and since lobbies were created America stopped being for the people

    Rockerfeller Exxon Bill gates and All the top companies have more control over the government than the general population.

    The nation will implode on itself

  • Yes, Because Democrats

    Used to be smart. Now they just preach "climate crisis, " the media eats it wholeheartedly, And spreads the lies to millions. This is why we need someone who actually knows what they're talking about. One final thing: THERE ARE ONLY TWO-ISH GENDERS. LISTEN TO YOUR CHROMOSOMES. (Intersex is still a thing, But that's a whole other discussion. )

  • American politics is mentally ill

    We have the worst of both sides in America. We have crazy people on the right who want to start wars for money, And crazy ass people on the left who want to sell America and Americans out to other countries for their own selfish gain.

    It's getting to the point where the Military doesn't even know who they're fighting for anymore because almost everyone in politics are all ungrateful little shits who don't give two shits about citizens.

    Remember back in WWII when soldiers would fight for the people they loved? Love doesn't exist anymore in America. No one cares who lives and who dies anymore. God was a large part of America and has been left in the dust as an mere afterthought, Something that doesn't exist.

    People create their own moral compasses and justify to themselves their own justifications as the right thing to do, Which is also why we have overcrowded prisons. You see the denouncing God wasn't just a religious issue its a deceleration against authority.

    Without proper authority everyone goes their own way and the country dies. Especially in a country this divided.

    Left hates the right, Right hates the left. Women hate men, And men hate women. Gay people hate straight people, And straight people hate gay people. This is the horseshit that the media feeds us. They report half-truths and easily manipulated puppet people believe them.

    American people are easily manipulated by shiny objects, Particularly television and the news. This is because a majority of Americans are equal part innocent, And equal part stupid. If they use their minds to think on their own again it will be a miracle, And a benefit to the world.

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