• Maybe.. Maybe... Maybe...

    Well in my situation humans have gone way past the boundaries. Humanity has evolved over the years, and people have grown way smarter and stronger, but more violent? Well yes, People have to have the respect for others, and be a leader, a decent leader. Don't follow others in bad things. Make things right. Make the Earth a better place.

  • Too many guns

    There is a segment of America that believes it is your God given right to have a firearm. Now I know that there are plenty of law abiding citizens who use guns responsibly whether it be for hunting or protection. But on the other hand there are people getting access to guns who should never have a gun. This country needs to make it more difficult to obtain a gun especially if you have had a history of mental illness or a criminal record.

  • Lovers of Voilence

    Today's society is filled with a love of violence. We even combat this issue with more violence. Terrorism is on the rise. It used to be something we would hear of in other countries or even in big cities, but it hits close to home. These are truly critical times.

  • Yes, violence is prevalent but it's nothing new

    I agree that American society is violent, but it's been this way for a long time. The country gained its independence through violent means (About 8,000 to 10,000 people were killed in the Revolutionary War), and shootings have taken place ever since. I believe that people are more aware of it now because of the 24 hour news cycle and social media. However, the level of violence in American society is troubling. In June, a 21-year-old went into a black church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered 9 people, including a state senator. A little over a month later, a man went into a Louisiana movie theater and killed 3 people, including himself. The fact that two shootings have taken place in 2 months does signal that America needs to change the way it approaches gun laws, but after the Sandy Hook shooting failed to yield any significant change in gun laws, I don't feel optimistic.

  • Hate crimes and violence on the rise.

    There is currently a lot of religious tension brewing in America. The Christians are demanding more say in the what the government does or does not do. There is also a stronger Muslim presence in the States, that is adding to this tension. Blacks also feel persecuted by Whites on a daily basis just adds to the problems. Finally, with America's ridiculous gun laws, the problem will only get worse.

  • Due to American needs and wants, America has become violent.

    Because minds wander, as all minds do, American entertainment including games, movies, and stories has become extremely violent. Because we have been subjected to ideas that can be interesting, we are curious about the outcomes. And due to technology becoming better, events in fake circumstances /environments seem like real life. As though this happens, people may either want to protect themselves from threats by becoming more defensive or they may resolute to becoming the threat out of curiosity. This creates many common and diluted ideas and fantasies in the 21st century.

  • You can't get any more violent than violence itself.

    America deep in it's roots is all about conflicts, to say that America is more violent than ever is an exaggeration.

    Past history tells us is to hunt and gather in order to survive, America is an a way unique because they arrive from a different settlement in order to habitat what they can now call home.

    And for America to become anymore violent than it was before is over-represented.

    Surely it's citizens are more aware of the dangers of people with violent characters, that doesn't mean America itself is anymore violent than it's part history, it has it's fair share of problems but to label America to be more violent is just nothing more than perception painted to a wall in their point of view the world violence is about brutality and massacre to them, other countries it's genocide and others silent extermination, you see every nation has a view on their culture on what they think violence is. Which is worse? None of them are any better or worse.

    Calling America to be the most violent country in the world in many ways it's wrong, all countries suffer violence but calling America as the worlds most violent nation in the world is wrong we can call other countries that are more violent and brutal than America yet we don't because we don't consider those countries to be significant on our radar to make a difference.

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