• The melting pot is gone

    America use to be a big melting pot by people from all over the world coming to America and blending into the culture. Now, many people want to bring t heir culture to America and change this country to something else. I is changing for the worse and hopefully this will stop.

  • We are still the melting pot.

    Look around any large, American city, and you can see that America's melting pot is still alive and good. Studies show that by the second generation, the children have adjusted to American culture. The second generation learns English and assimilates into their new home. We are all still Americans, the melting pot.

  • No, I don't think America's melting pot has become a pipe dream.

    America is home to many different nationalities and races and I feel the melting pot has been very successful here in America for the most part people get along with one another fine and happily, I don't see huge racial tensions and discrimination that you would see in a society where the melting pot had failed.

  • No, America's melting pot has not become a pipe dream.

    I think the concept of America being a melting pot is still alive and well. America just needs to enforce a rule and law where people need to learn the English language. I think something like a common language is something that can help different cultures to assimilate to the American way of life.

  • not at all

    NO, we are still the same melting pot that we have always been. What is different is that the pot is getting to be a whole lot more of other things besides just us Americans, and we are going to have to do something to clean the pot out alot.

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