• Yes, America's voting process have come a long way in 107 years.

    America's voting has changed drastically in the last 107 years. When the voting process began, only white men could vote. Since the beginning of the voting process, people have realized that everyone deserves the right to vote. Now any American citizen, male or female, any color or race, and any religious affiliation has the right to vote.

  • Yes it has.

    Yes, it has. It is true to say that the America's voting process has come a long way in the last 07 years. This is because of the recent technology used in the voting places. Together with the college type. The voting process has been made simple and also does not encourage rigging.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Voting is one of the most important acts of citizenship we perform, but that doesn't mean it's always a simple process. As Americans flood into their polling places today there are plenty of things that can stand between their best, most patriotic intentions and the ballot box. During this campaign, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed the election is somehow “rigged.” In fact, many of his supporters are answering his call to monitor polling places to ensure the election isn’t “stolen.” With all of this, it’s more important than ever for people to understand exactly what their rights are.

  • No, the voting process in America has had few changes since it was established.

    The electoral college system that the US constitution established is in need of a change to keep of with the needs of the American voters. The system is no longer representative of our Democratic beliefs and needs to be updated with modern day. Many believe that the two parties should not have such a dominance in the elections process.

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