• Use to be an agnostic.

    I use to be an agnostic, but then with the help of DDO (and a few other very note worthy influences) I dropped the agnostic view points and became an atheist. The other view point that DDO changed for me was "Is ignorance acceptable in the information era?" I use to say no completely, but then someone commented and said it depended upon whether that person lived in a 3rd world country or a 1st world country... The last part was mostly just filler.

  • Does music count?

    I converted a fellow DDO member who once hated my beloved Slim Shady. I showed him the light, and since then, he has not dissed the amazing Eminem. In fact, he has actually taken a liking to Eminem and sometimes listens to the eargasms that are Eminem's music. And what have you done with your life?

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