• Underlying Good Design is an Intent to Waste Your Time

    Apple is often cited for good design. This may be true in the physical or product sense. It may even be true in terms of usability, but the twist is that the things you end up doing are not very productive. Disruptive innovation, like booleangrid.Com, is what's needed, and lacking, for Apple to move forward.

  • Yes

    Apple has peaked. Their technology has reached its limits. Honestly, I don't see the company going any farther. In fact, I think the company peaked right before the death of Steve Jobs. Its all downhill for Apple now. The company's products are just gonna get worse from now on.

  • Apple is going Downhill

    I believe their products have finally caught up to them. The extremely over-priced devices and poor quality/support will spell the end for the technology Super-Giant. If they don't come up with something new, or steal something new, soon they are done. I was never fond of Apple or their products...

  • YES

    The heart and soul of that company died with Steve Jobs, I'm afraid. I think that Apple will still be making money long after I'm dead, and I think that they have totally carved out a niche amongst the hipsters, yuppies, and Microsoft haters.

    However, I think that Apple's time as an innovation power house and things of that nature is done.

  • Apple has peaked

    With the loss of visionary Steve Jobs who insisted on bringing out products that you could hardly fault even if it meant pushing the release dates forward, Apple has failed in this core regard with the iPad 3 and with its map debacle. Yes they will continue to make money like Microsoft but their time as innovators has passed especially with the onslaught of Samsung, Nokia and others!

  • Apple Has Not Peaked

    I do not think that Apple has peaked. The electronics and services they provide are still very much popular and doing well. Apple's iPhone sold more than any other phone last year and that trend is likely to continue. They are far from peaking and will continue to prosper in the near future.

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