• Yes, this is Hiliarious

    I don’t have a touch screen phone so I haven’t really sent a lot of
    texts with wrong auto corrects however a lot of my friends have iphone's
    and i have received lots of texts that have been incorrectly sent that
    have been amusing to read.Most of the time auto-correct is really helpful.

  • It is so funny.

    Yes, autocorrect has caused me to send odd messages, and some of them are completely hilarious and others are so inappropriate. Sometimes it's such a pain to correct that I don't even bother and I hope the person on the other end can figure it out. Sometimes I think they do it on purpose.

  • More Than Likely

    I can't specifically recall if I've sent an odd message out due to auto correct, but I'm sure I have in some way. I generally only have problems with single words and I haven't been unlucky enough to come up with some of the bad one's that I've seen on the Internet.

  • No, surprisingly it hasn't.

    I have gotten a lot of hilarious autocorrect messages and, with as many text messages as I send, I'm surprised that I have not sent something odd because of autocorrect. I guess it's probably only a matter of time, but hopefully it won't be all that ridiculous and weird. Or awkward.

  • Patience is a virtue

    Autocorrect sometimes causes some very bizarre messages, but even though it's instinctive to hit send without reviewing your draft, anyone capable of reading their messages as they write them should be able to spot the offending autocorrect before pressing the button. At no point in time do I ever recall sending a message with a major typo.

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