Has Bad Girls Club only gotten worse over the years?

Asked by: debator_debates
  • Bad Girls Club Has Only Gotten Worse

    We all know and love some Bad Girls Club. But Honestly, I think BGC has only took a dive to the bottom of the pool ever since season 8. Its gotten cheesier, and cheesier. The houses are too 'teched' up, if you know what I mean, there used to be the house and the girls. There weren't Computers, or a subway for a phone room. I think the people on BGC nowadays, don't fight as much, and they all gang up on one person. Season 11 was just AWFUL! The whole season, they all just ganged up, and jumped on people! Season 12 is okay, but these aren't even Bad Girls! They're weak girls who argue over the pettiest sh** and jump people, and act cheesy! Come on, producers! You started it with a bang, now end it with a bang! No more cheesy seasons! Anyone agree? Disagree?

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