• No he a black man

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  • He's changed America for the better.

    Through his introduction of Obamacare which has installed the premise that healthcare is a right and not a privilege in the United States, Barrack Obama has paved the way for the creation of a kinder and more egalitarian country. He has also done powerful and brave work in the area of gun control which few presidents have dared to touch in the past.

  • Agree, look at the numbers.

    In just 8 years, Obama has given everyone access to health care. He also got us out of one of the biggest recessions this country has ever seen. We were at war with Iraq when he took office. He successfully got us out of the war, in addition to eliminating the threat Osama Bin Laden. His family was also one of the only presidential families to avoid any sort of scandal. He will be missed!

  • He has done nothing for this nation.

    He's flopped on so many of the issues he once believed in. He does not even know how many states are in the United States (he thinks there are fifty-eight). He has made healthcare premiums skyrocket because of Obamacare, he is trying to by pass the constitution and reach beyond his powers when it comes to illegal amnesty. His common core for education is a joke. Obama has added $9 trillion to the national debt which is more than any other president. He literally just gave our internet away. He lied when he said he didn't know ISIS was a huge organization, he gave guns to the cartel which resulted in a border patrol agents death.

  • No he hasn't.

    Obama has made things pretty bad. Because he abortion, approximately 3,000 babies die each day. He made this health care, Obamacare, and promised it would reduce what people have to pay. Guess what? IT didn't! IN fact it raised it and people are not happy. He hasn't been that great of a president.

  • Obama's Presidential Legacy - Disaster

    President Obama's term has produced negative impacts that will harm the United States and the world for many years. The Iran nuclear deal has left Iran will the ability to continue their nuclear program which gives them more cover for the production of part of the resources used for nuclear weapons. In less than 20 years, there is no oversight at all.

    The other big legacy will be the Affordable Care Act, commonly know as Obamacare. His campaign promises of $2,500 savings per year for families, more choice, and the ability to keep policies and doctors were not realized. Policies and doctors were lost during the first year of the policy. Many doctor's and facilities are not part of the plans. It has been reported that premiums for 2017 are going up 25% on average. Penalties continue to rise, but people are still choosing the penalty over signing up for insurance plans. Lastly, many insurance companies have stopped offering plans in all areas. Many areas are now left with only one option.

  • No, his accomplishments have been overstated

    Obama has been looked on by many people as a good president, but if you look at the majority of that group, they are not the people that do research into politics or the policies that get bragged on. The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, is an awful system that did not end up being cost effective or user friendly. He got way too much praise for creating new jobs, because the economy has not done that well under him and when you look into the statistics of the jobs he created, many were not family sustainable by any means.

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