Has Barack Obama failed to keep his campaign promise about transparency at the White House?

  • Obama has failed

    Not his fault, the passing of time and actions taken by previous administrations have made his job impossible, he looks like a broken man, bet he can't wait for his retirement, he was never going to make any change, at home or abroad, america as a supper power, america as a country that people look up to has gone, unlikely to ever return, too much harm has been done and the rest of the world can see straight though it

  • Yes, he has failed big time.

    Yes, the President of the United States has failed the American people when it comes to transparency. He said he'd be the most transparent presidency in the history of our country but he has largely failed us. To make things worse, he seems to care solely about protecting the very systems he said he'd tear down.

  • A 100% Failure

    Barack Obama did promise more transparency in his campaign but he has failed on this measure. I personally don't see one instance where he even tried to make the government more transparent. I think we've actually witnessed the government seize more secrets than normal, meaning he back tracked and made it even worse. I don't understand why he keeps promising results he can't produce.

  • It is as transparent as it can get

    Yes, I think that President Barack Obama has keep true to his campaign promise to make the White House transparent. In reality some of the dealing in the White House will never be truly transparent, but I think that those things that could be transparent has been to the best of the president's ability.

  • No, Barack Obama has fulfilled a lot of his promises.

    A lot of people think that Obama has not fulfilled his duties as president in the White House, but he actually has completed a lot of them. For example, he proposed his health care bill as well as drastically cut the number of soldiers out in other countries. He has also fulfilled a lot of his environmental promises.

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